We Still Want to Believe

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The Pinoy X-Philes’ celebration of the first year anniversary of The X-Files: I Want to Believe movie release happened last Saturday, July 25. As all the X-philes all over the world knows, July 25, 2008 was the date of the US theatrical release of the movie. My group and I decided to celebrate it by holding a simple dinner at one of our fellow member’s residence. And to make the celebration more meaningful, we held a private screening of I Want to Believe. My fellow X-philes and I have already seen the movie five or more times but we didn’t mind watching it again.

Our IWTB-XF stuff

IWTB Anniv cakeIt was agreed upon that we would have a pot luck dinner, with each attending member bringing his or her own prepared food. But since some of us would be traveling far or couldn’t cook a decent meal (including me, hehe), we ended up just buying takeout food and bringing them to Sam’s (the host) house.

The private screening was supposed to start at 6:00 PM but since the five of us (Lily, Christie, Vel, Enna, and me) arrived late and we still had to arrange the food and wait for the other guests, the film showing didn’t start until past 8:00 PM. By then, we just dined while watching the movie. We used the projector and white screen again for the film showing. Three of us brought each of her own DVD copy of the movie as well as other I Want to Believe-related stuff. Too bad two of our long-time members couldn’t join us that night because of professional and personal reasons.

As always, my fellow X-philes and I enjoyed the evening immensely. We wanted to watch even the bloopers/gag reel of I Want to Believe, but there was not enough time. It was decided by the group beforehand that we would also watch an episode of Kolchak: The Nightstalker – the inspiration behind the creation of The X-Files – as most of us hadn’t seen the classic 70’s series. So that’s what we did after we’re done watching the second X-Files film.

IWTB private DVD screening

I Want to Believe private screening

We originally intended to leave Sam’s house before midnight but it was already past 12:00 AM when we’re through watching the pilot episode of Kolchak. And since Vel, Lily, and Christie didn’t want to go home in that ungodly hour due to safety reasons, they opted to stay at Sam’s overnight. I didn’t want to go home alone in that hour either so I decided to join them. We slept on the four couches in the screening room and left the house at around 8:00 AM the next morning. I wasn’t able to sleep properly at Sam’s so I was still feeling sleepy and groggy when I got home. But the experience was all worth it.  Like what Scully said in the “Bad Blood” episode, “I do it all for you, Mulder. I do it all for you!”

Believing in the Future

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BelieveInTheFuture banner1

The second phase of X-Files News’ (XFN) Believe in the Future Campaign – also known as XF3 Campaign – is well under way. My groupmates from Pinoy X-Philes are trying to finish creating the postcards that we will be sending to XFN, which is the first phase of the campaign. The campaign is once again uniting X-philes across the globe for a common cause: urge Fox Network to make a third X-Files movie as suggested by series creator himself, Chris Carter. This means fans of the show will send postcards addressed to Fox asking them to green light a third X-Files feature film.

Of course, PXP is at the forefront of this worldwide petition campaign. Our group agreed to become a regional liaison, which is basically a country representative (sort of a diplomat, if you will) responsible for collecting postcards from fans in the Philippines, which will be forwarded to XFN. XFN in turn will personally deliver the postcards to Fox. As soon as my groupmates and I are done creating the postcards, we’ll be sending our own personal messages to Fox. After that, we’ll proceed to the second phase. I can’t wait to make another fan video. We had lots of fun when we made our first video for XFN’s Worldwide Fan Project. And making another video will surely be a blast. [Edit: I misunderstood the Phase 2 of the campaign. The fan video should actually feature scenes from the series or the two X-Files movies. Actual fans are not included in the video.]

Is It July Yet?

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X-Files 2

Photo courtesy of IGN.com

This coming July will be very exciting and special for me. Being an avid fan of The X-Files TV show, my most anticipated film of the year would be The X-Files movie sequel. And it will be finally released on July 25 (23 here in the Philippines). The movie, which is officially titled The X-Files: I Want to Believe, will be a monster-of-the-week type of film. It will not be related to the mytharc episodes of the show. So no alien abductions here or government conspiracies — just Mulder, Scully, and one great, big XF adventure. Much of the film’s plot is being kept secret so my fellow X-phile friends (we have a group called Pinoy X-Philes) and I are eager to watch it and see what would the story be about.

I really can’t wait to see this film! The official trailer of the XF movie will be shown during the release of the Iron Man film. So I will be watching Iron Man next week just to see the trailer of The X-Files 2!

The Truth is Finally Here

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At last! After six years since the show ended, The X-Files movie sequel is underway. Shooting for the movie sequel started last December 10, 2007 but photos of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny together in the scene did not surface until now. It’s so thrilling to see Mulder and Scully together again. And Gillian went back to being a redhead, hehe. Nice! She looked sort of different in these photos. Her hair is longer and straighter — not the usual Scully look that we fans were used to. And David looked older. But no matter. I’m just so excited to watch this movie sequel. I can’t wait to see it! I just hope that since this is a stand-alone movie and will not touch up on the TV show’s mythology, they will be able to pull it off and make it a box office hit.


Photo courtesy of comingsoon.net


Photo courtesy of USA Today

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