Femme Fatale

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I hate it whenever my new favorite TV shows get cancelled so early on. Either the network cancels it after the first season or the second. And this is usually the period when I get hooked on a show. But I am happy to know that my new favorite show, Nikita, got renewed for a second season.

I must admit that I caught on this show very late already. The first season of Nikita ended last May (I think) in the US and I wasn’t able to watch it because it wasn’t aired locally yet. Thank goodness ETC started airing it last month so I was able to watch the first season. And I instantly loved it! Maggie Q is perfect as Nikita because she can definitely kick ass! Her portrayal of the character is tough and sexy but still has that vulnerability underneath.

I’ve seen the original French film from which the TV show is based and even watched the Hollywood remake (which starred Bridget Fonda) years ago. But I must say that when it comes to the film, I enjoyed the Hollywood remake better than the original. I know. Those Nikita “purists” can shoot me now but I will stand my ground. There was just too much vulnerability in Anne Parillaud’s (the actress who played the character in the original film) portrayal of the character. It was almost child-like and I didn’t like that. I like my Nikita strong and can hold on her own, and that’s what I saw in the US version.

As for the TV series, this 2010 remake is better than La Femme Nikita in my opinion. I also used to watch LFN back in the 90’s and I really disliked the actors portraying Nikita and Michael. I only stuck with the show because of the stories, which declined in quality as the seasons passed. I didn’t even bother finishing it through its final season.

the original Nikita French film

In this 2010 remake, there is a mixture of elements from the original film and the 90’s TV series. Some elements from the original film can be seen (the look of each recruit’s bedroom, the use of the name Josephine as pseudonym, etc.) while names of the main characters in the remake are the same as the ones in La Femme Nikita. But this new take on the classic film entirely differs. Whereas the Nikita in the original film was a new recruit and LFN‘s version was already an old recruit and deeply involved with the black ops group’s missions, this 2010 remake’s Nikita is already a veteran and hardened assassin who escaped from the shadowy group that trained her. She has gone rogue and gotten an accomplice to infiltrate the syndicate.

This is a very interesting new angle that the writers of the show have created. It gives a fresh take on the old story with new plot twists that I find addicting. Now I just can’t wait to see the second season.

There Will Be More Blood This Coming June

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I’m sinking my teeth into the new season of True Blood next month. HBO just released a teaser video of the show’s fourth season (debuting on June 26 in the US). And the gang looked just awesome! Eric and Pam are my two favorite vampires in the show – and I’m beginning to like Alcide too. He’s totally hot! And Lafayette is as fabulous as ever. I can’t wait to watch this!

V is for Visitors

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This is my new favorite show on TV. I remember watching episodes of the original V series when I was just a kid. Though I know that the basic plot of the original series was about humans fighting against the aliens (i.e., the Visitors), I barely remember the sub-plots of the show, let alone the supporting characters. But I do vividly remember that memorable and iconic scene where Diana, the leader/queen of the Visitors, ate that disgusting white rat! Somehow that scene became unforgettable for me that when I found out that there was going to be a remake of V, I got excited. Being a fan of classic sci-fi shows like The Outer Limits and Sliders, I couldn’t wait to watch the new V. So it was a good thing that I got to watch the first season of the V remake. Mid-way into the first season I was immediately hooked. I thought it was good and gripping.

The second season just ended in the States but I still have yet to watch it. And yes I’m very well aware that the second season is not that good according to the reviews and the ratings are low. Sure, there are a lot of major loopholes in the story but I have yet to decide for myself. But I know for sure that I will still enjoy it. At least V is still way better than those stupid and shallow reality shows they keep churning out.

It’s just too bad that some of the shows I liked (such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) get canceled too soon. I really hope that the network (ABC) will give V another chance and give us fans a third season. They can still improve the show by replacing the writers (or make the writing better) so that they can live up to the greatness of the original series.

[Updated on May 23, 2011:  Well, that was it. Just read official announcements that V is now cancelled and won’t be back for a third season. That’s just sad. =( The writers of the show screwed up big time with the second season. *Sigh* I will miss the gang from the Fifth Column (especially Joshua!), Diana, and even Anna.]

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