There Will Be More Blood This Coming June

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I’m sinking my teeth into the new season of True Blood next month. HBO just released a teaser video of the show’s fourth season (debuting on June 26 in the US). And the gang looked just awesome! Eric and Pam are my two favorite vampires in the show – and I’m beginning to like Alcide too. He’s totally hot! And Lafayette is as fabulous as ever. I can’t wait to watch this!

Bloody Song

June 1, 2009 at 1:30 PM | Posted in Music, TV | Leave a comment
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Found new good music today. I was listening to NU 107 hours ago when a song caught my attention. I was initially intrigued by the song’s beat and the vocalist’s deep, mysterious voice. The song is called “Fresh Blood” by Eels. I’ve never heard of this band before (or maybe I did I just couldn’t remember it) but apparently the song is from their latest album, Hombre Lobo.

I don’t know why but the song kind of reminds me of the HBO series, True Blood. It’s probably because of the song’s title and its catchy lyrics that goes, “I’m so tired of the same old crud/Sweet baby, I need fresh blood.” I can very well picture Bill Compton (the vampire in the show) saying this. The “same old crud” can be likened to the synthetic blood, a.k.a true blood, and fresh blood is of course the preference of all the vampires in Bon Temps.

There is some howling in the song too, which I think adds to its appeal. This is a perfect song to be played in True Blood. Maybe they can play this during a Fangtasia scene or while the always-humping Jason Stackhouse is out looking to get laid via bloody means.

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