Playing God

January 25, 2008 at 2:58 PM | Posted in Current Events, Science | Leave a comment
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So American scientists just recently announced that they are near to developing an artificial life form that could aide in creating a cure for illnesses as well as global warming. This artificial life form was based on a synthetically made DNA of a bacteria called Mycoplasma genitalium (Read the full story here.)

If these scientists succeeded in creating an artificial life form, then it won’t be long before scientists can clone humans. And if that happens, then we are close to looking at a new world where humans are grown (very much like The Matrix and Kyle XY) and not born. This is a rather scary thought. However well-meaning the intention of these scientists are, sooner or later there’s no stopping other scientists (or even political figures) of taking advantage of scientific breakthroughs such as this and use it for their own selfish needs.

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