‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 Review: The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

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The second season of Mr. Robot opened strong with an intriguing storyline and more insights into Elliot Alderson’s character and state of mind. What I love about this show is that it pulls the viewer into a world where imagination and reality are becoming more and more blurred in each episode. It forces you to think if what Elliot is seeing is actually real or not. And this couldn’t be truer in the first two episodes of season 2.

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The first two episodes were mind-blowing and fantastic and provided viewers with a few revelations that gave more background to its characters and the story. Unfortunately, the viewers were only given a few hints about Tyrell Wallick and the origins of the fsociety name and its headquarters. So we still don’t know where Tyrell is or what exactly happened between him and Elliot during the 5/9 cyberattack.

The camera shots looked so cinematic that I felt I was watching a movie instead of a TV show. And the soundtrack of each episode was really on point. In “eps2.0_unm4sk-pt2.tc,” I particularly loved that part where the CTO of E Corp. was burning the pile of ransom money in the park while a Phil Collins song was playing in the background. Same with the second episode, “eps2.1_k3rnel-panic.ksd.” There was a sweeping camera shot of the city while “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” was playing in the background. It’s as if the song was about Mr. Robot himself telling Elliot that he’s not leaving his side no matter how he hates or ignores him.

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And this was what’s been happening to Elliot all this time after season 1 ended. He moved to his mother’s house and kept a very rigid schedule doing mundane activities like washing the dishes and doing laundry. He’s been off the grid for a while and looked to have sworn off hacking and tinkering with computers. Mr. Robot, on the other hand, kept hanging around Elliot trying to convince him to get back into the action and regroup with fsociety. But Elliot was determined to ignore him and chose to record his daily activities and illusions in a journal instead.

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The scene where Elliot lost it all together and started laughing all of a sudden was so creepy and disturbing. In the scene, we can see that he was in his bedroom with Mr. Robot. But we as the viewers know that Mr. Robot is just a figment of his imagination – an illusory representation of his dead father. When I was watching that scene, I thought that Elliot should already be institutionalized considering the severity of his mental illness.

And this brings us to that one theory that’s been going around regarding the first two episodes of Mr. Robot season 2. There’s this popular theory that Elliot is actually in a mental institution already and that everything that’s happening around him are just part of his hallucinations. Apparently, there are clues in the episodes that point to this, such as Elliot keeping a rigid schedule and mostly seen locked up in his tiny bedroom. Considering these clues, I’m more inclined to think that this theory could be true.

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And why not? I’m having doubts myself as to why Elliot would choose to live with his mother given his history of being abused under her care. And the routinary activities he’s been doing looked very much like he’s in an institution.

Whatever the real case is, I can’t wait to see how the rest of the second season would unfold.

Episode Highlights:

  • Gideon getting shot and killed. I was shocked and kind of disappointed about this since I liked Gideon. He was a good boss and his company was so unlike E Corp.
  • Elliot high on Adderall and super hyper about basketball, Seinfeld, washing the dishes, and his church group. I totally loved these scenes! The writing of these scenes and Rami Malek’s performance were just superb!
  • Elliot and his rant about God and organized religion during a church group meeting. That was epic!
  • Romero’s death. Who killed him? Who is after fsociety?
  • Ray befriending Elliot during basketball. Who is he and what’s his story? I really want to know.
  • Elliot glitching out and barfing all over the floor. Cinematography at its finest.
  • Angela’s dinner with Phillip Price. What does he really want with Angela? I’m still curious to know how he is connected with White Rose.


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