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So the Pinoy X-Philes group photo shoot happened yesterday without any major hassles.The weather was hot and sunny so we were able to take advantage of the light. Only the usual crowd of PXP members were able to attend the photo shoot, with the exception of one who did not make it in time. But it was all good. We still had a blast while taking shot after shot of ourselves in different poses and background. We wanted to take as many good pictures as possible so we could have many choices for the postcard.

the unofficial PXP postcard photo

Just another test shot…

The postcard, by the way, will be our group’s official postcard, which will be mailed to X-Files News as part of the Believe in the Future Campaign, a.k.a X-Files 3 Campaign. We also have another design for the postcard as another option, which I think is equally beautiful in its simplicity.

Anyway, we thought of having the photo shoot somewhere spacious and a bit dark so we could have that X-File-y vibe. So we decided to have the shoot happened at one of our member’s house in Malate. It was actually the same place when our group had a DVD marathon in March. Sam’s place had a balcony and roof deck that had amazing views of Manila Bay and the city skyline. His place also had a large living area with dim lights which were perfect for what we had in mind.

weena, christie, and vel

Taking a break from the shoot and waiting for the sun to set

So there we were yesterday afternoon doing our poses in the living room looking much like The Syndicate plotting on Mulder and Scully’s doom. We had our serious facial expressions on and no one was allowed to smile or make funny faces. Of course eventually we had a few informal and candid shots of our own. We started at mid-afternoon and finished at around past seven in the evening.

The photos we took, though not done by a professional photographer, were good enough to be included in the postcard design. It will now be up to Lily, the group’s designated Web designer/programmer and co-founder, to tweak on the chosen photo and place it on the postcard. And I believe it will turn out pretty good.

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