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January 5, 2011 at 10:45 AM | Posted in Lifestyle, Musings | Leave a comment
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The holidays all went in a blur for me. I was too busy packing my things, cleaning my room, shopping, and going just about everywhere in preparation of my transfer to another apartment. Since September of 2010, my sister and I had been planning to move in together after living separately for over five years. After months of looking for a new place to stay, I finally found one that’s just perfect for us both. I filed my vacation leave at the office early so I could have time to transfer to a new apartment. I moved in to my new apartment room last mid-December. My sister will be moving in with me later this month.

I was so focused on my apartment transfer over the holidays that I hadn’t been online most of the time. I didn’t go online for seven days! That’s probably the longest time I’ve ever been offline. Normally I would be offline for four days only. Then I would feel disconnected to the world so I’d go online again mostly checking my emails. Last Christmas I only got to go online twice, but that’s only because I need to check my email.

I’m already quite settled in my new apartment. All the unpacking and cleaning is done. Decorating and final furnishing is what’s only left for me to do. I have to wait for my sister to move in before we can both furnish and decorate the place. I like my new apartment. Moving out of my old apartment room was such a relief for me. A lot of things have happened in that old house that I didn’t like. Besides, I needed a bigger room and equally bigger closet, haha! So now that the dusts have settled (figuratively speaking), I’m looking forward to making good memories in my new apartment.

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