The Tale of the Missing Manuscript

July 27, 2007 at 5:46 PM | Posted in Musings, Writing | 1 Comment
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Browsing through iGoogle today got me thinking of my unfinished autobiography. There’s a How-to article there about writing an autobiography and instantly I remembered that I once started writing my autobiography back when I was still in college. That time, I loved the idea of writing an autobiography of my own and chronicling the events that happened in my life. I thought then that it would be a way for me to tell my story. So that’s what I did. I tried recalling things and events that happened during my childhood and wrote them down on paper. I was able to write a few pages somehow but then I got busy with my thesis and I just didn’t have the time so it was eventually forgotten.

I’ve been meaning to continue writing it when I started working but because I now live in Manila and I left the manuscript back home in the province, I wasn’t able to. Then a series of unfortunate events happened: my family decided to renovate some portions of our provincial house and some of my and my sister’s stuff (including drafts of my writing) got misplaced or thrown out — not to mention I forgot where I’ve kept the manuscript in the first place! And so that was it. My manuscript was lost — gone forever. It’s such a shame because I liked what I wrote there. Now if (or when) I want to write my autobiography again, I have to start from scratch.

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