Damn Regret

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I’m sure there are things in life that you just want to forget and hope that they will disappear from the face of the earth. In my case, there are things in life that I deeply regretted and wished that I didn’t do. Recently I did just that. I was caught in a situation where I had to make a decision right then and there. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong decision. Now I’m severely paying for it.

But if I were given the chance to think about it thoroughly before making a decision, or if I was in a different situation then, I would have never said yes. I would never have accepted the offer. It’s not that I didn’t have the heart to turn it down. Sometimes there are just several factors that forced you to make decisions in a snap.

I am now trying my best to remedy this unfortunate situation. Hopefully I’ll be out of this madness (for that’s what it is) very soon.

Blessings in Disguise

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Over the years I have come to learn that in almost every bad situation, there is something good that comes out of it. This something good is what I call knowledge.

I have been in worst situations once in a while and during those times, I always thought that my world was falling apart. But then again, after I got through with them, I came out with eyes wide open. I have learned a lot because of those situations. They made me stronger and wiser. They taught me the lessons I need to learn, and if possible avoid making the same mistakes. I could see a bigger and clearer picture.

Time definitely heals wounds. Over time, I understand things better. What I used to see in a negative light, I see now through positive eyes. For me, those bad situations have become blessings in disguise.

Reflections in Symphony

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Fast Car
Somehow this Tracy Chapman song takes on a different meaning for me these days. Events that happened in my family recently have made me think about my priorities in life. I have to set aside my wants and focus more on what needs to be done. Yeah, life can be a bitch.

Somewhere Only We Know
I have been reminded by this Keane song that every second counts and one minute wasted could mean a potential screw up. Though I believe in taking things slow once in a while, there are times when you got to do or have it now or else time will pass you by.

Born This Way
I never liked this Lady Gaga song but I think it would make a strong point in my case. One of life’s lessons I have learned is that people tend to like the norm. Whatever is common or ordinary is accepted and what’s different or odd is usually shunned and rejected. Society dictates that we follow the rules, ignoring the fact that there might be gems beneath those differences.

The Zephyr Song
This Red Hot Chili Peppers song is about escapism for me. To get away from the daily pressures of life is what I need these days. It would be nice not to think or worry about anything in particular for a while and just relax. I was a workaholic before but now I am maintaining a more balanced lifestyle – or at least, I am trying to.

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