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A friend of mine who majored in Psychology once told me that there is actually no original idea in the world because every person has based his idea on, or at least is inspired by someone else’s. Given this concept, that would mean that it wasn’t Christopher Nolan’s original idea to write a story about inception. Someone had planted an idea on his head to write that story and make it into a movie. It could be that he read a book before which explores the same concept and got inspired to write the screenplay. And of course I know that other people are probably thinking of the same thing, so what I’m saying now is not an original idea.

M.C. Escher's Relativity

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I haven’t watched or read any interviews done with Christopher Nolan about the movie so I can’t really say for sure where he got this idea of a story about inception. I loved the movie and enjoyed it immensely but I couldn’t help but notice that it reminded me a bit of Vanilla Sky and The Matrix. The former also tackled the concept of lucid dreaming while the latter explored the difference between virtual reality and the real world. And The Architect in Inception is like The Architect in Matrix:Reloaded. But kudos to Nolan for writing the screenplay. The movie is a refreshing break from all those typical Hollywood action movies these days.

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