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I like listening to music while I write. I use it as background to get my good mood going. While other writers want total silence when they write, I prefer listening to music as I type on my computer. Lately I’ve been searching for the right kind of music to to listen to when I write. I used to listen to my favorite songs while I write but I eventually discovered that it tend to distract me. I couldn’t write properly because I get distracted by the lyrics. I would find myself singing along and before I knew it, my mind would be somewhere else. So what I did was to play instrumental music. I like techno and rave music so that’s what I mostly listen to now when I write. I don’t want to listen to classical music or any of those sappy piano ballads when writing because I get sleepy when I do. When I write I want to listen to lively and energetic music. It makes me feel awake and alert and I’d be more inspired. To me it’s like an adrenalin rush that keeps me going.

I would love to have this!

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But there are times when I’m also in the mood for something slower like Enigma or Enya. I also have a few MP3 collection from DJ Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold. Unfortunately though I have limited knowledge of good techno and rave music so I’m not sure which other artists/DJs to listen to. Deep Forest sounds good. Should I get Art of Noise? How about Chicane? Who else is good out there?

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