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Remember that time when I blogged and said I don’t write fanfiction? Yeah well, I just broke my own rule. I wrote my very first fanfiction last year after getting encouragement from some of my Twitter followers who love reading and/or writing fanfiction. I never thought I would succumb to the trend but I did.

I watch a lot of TV shows and sometimes I binge-watch them for hours. And as a result, I get a lot of ideas about certain scenes or dialogues from the shows. Sometimes I find myself forming new or alternative scenes in my head with my favorite TV characters, especially when I think that a particular scene should be written differently for whatever reason (consistency, realism, clarity, etc.).


My venture in fanfiction writing was mainly brought on by this fact. And also because since I ship some of the characters in the shows I watch and wish for episodes where they form romantic relationship with each other, I decided to take matters into my own hands. After all, I have ideas in my head on why and how these characters can develop their relationship and where the story can go. Besides, I also wanted to test myself if I could do it and see how good I am in creative writing. And it turned out that I can and am good enough.

I’m a big fan of Suits, and conversation among shipper fans on Twitter pushed me to go ahead with writing my very own fanfic. My favorite OTP on Suits is of course Donna and Harvey, a.k.a Darvey, and they are the focus of my first fanfic. Admittedly, it was a very enjoyable experience for me. I was surprised on how easy I could write it. I only had to put to paper what was already in my mind. Several chapters later, I posted the story on fanfiction.net and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I got from fellow Darvey shippers. I was truly delighted.

I’ve just written my second Darvey fanfiction, which I also published on fanfiction.net. And honestly speaking, I don’t know if I will write more or not — or whether I can write a fanfic about other shows. But one thing is certain for me: I’ve proven to myself that I can definitely write fanfiction.

Can Opener, Thumbtacks and Whipped Cream

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If you’re an avid fan of the TV show, Suits, then you would know what I’m talking about. The can opener, along with three dozen thumbtacks, are part of the big mystery going on in the show. What makes Suits intriguing to watch is because of the sporadic appearances or mention of this kitchen utensil and office supply. I have been watching Suits since its first season. I wasn’t an avid fan at first during its initial run but my interest was piqued because of the premise that a young man named Mike with photographic memory is pretending to be a lawyer. I was hooked by the time season two came along.


GIF image courtesy of fyeah-harveydonna.tumblr.com

The show is a mixture of drama and comedy, which I liked. It’s not as serious as any other legal drama on TV. In fact, it has gotten quite a reputation because of the introduction of the mysterious can opener, which first appeared in season one. The viewers know that the show’s main character, Harvey – a hotshot lawyer in New York and his secretary, Donna have a long-standing pre-trial ritual involving the can opener and three dozen thumbtacks. But the show never reveals what they do with them. All we get are glimpses of the can opener, nothing more. Us viewers don’t even get to see the thumbtacks. As for the whipped cream, well, it was already revealed in the sixth episode of the show’s third season what Harvey and Donna did with it.


I guess it’s fairly obvious that my favorite characters on the show are Harvey and Donna. I love Donna because she provides humor to the show with her witty punchlines and amusing banter with Harvey and the other characters. I like Harvey because he’s a brilliant, hardcore lawyer. He can be cold, calculating and cocky but he wins cases most of the time, if not all. Although in real life I would probably hate someone like him.

Personally I would like the can opener and thumbtacks to remain a mystery. The show could follow what Sex and the City did with Mr. Big. They did not reveal Mr. Big’s real name until the very end of the series finale. Suits could do the same.

Speaking of finale, I just finished watching the summer finale of Suits‘ third season and am very much looking forward to its succeeding episodes in January next year.

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