SciFi Channel now on C/S Origin?!

March 17, 2009 at 10:38 AM | Posted in TV | 1 Comment
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I got the surprise of my life last night while I was watching TV. It seems that SciFi channel is now available on C/S Origin, which is an exclusive Solar Entertainment channel. I was channel surfing last night, looking for any good show to watch. I just finished watching an episode of Heroes season 3 when I stumbled upon the SciFi channel. To my surprise and delight, it’s being shown on C/S Origin. I didn’t know they’re airing it since as far as I knew, SciFi channel was not available in my local cable TV.

But I’m so glad that they’re now airing it. This is one of those channels I really wanted to have in my cable. Now I can watch the old and new sci-fi and fantasy shows I love on this channel. The thing is, I think C/S Origin is only airing this late at night. I just hope Solar Entertainment will continue airing this and improve its schedule because this is a really good channel.

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