Coffee is Life

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I have been going to a cardiologist in the past couple of months due to my consistent high blood pressure. The doctor advised me to avoid caffeine since it’s one of the causes of my blood pressure going up. But as an avid coffee drinker, I just can’t give up coffee for life. So I told the doctor that I drink coffee every day. That’s what perks me up in the morning when I wake up. That’s what also keeps me going throughout the day. She then advised me to reduce my coffee intake. And that’s fine by me – for now.

Actually, even before I went to the doctor, I have reduced my coffee intake. No particular reason, except perhaps because in recent months I have been too busy with work that I can survive a day with just two cups of coffee.  But there were times in the past months that I would be too busy that I couldn’t even finish my cup of coffee because I was always on the go. Sounds crazy, right? By the time I’d return for my coffee, it had gone cold.

I’m recently diagnosed as hypertensive. So the doctor’s advise is really workable for me at this time. I’m also taking medicines to control my blood pressure so at least I’m still looking after my health.

My So-called Coffee Addiction

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People know me as a coffee drinker. I admit I cannot go out of the house without having a cup of coffee. I usually drink two to three cups of coffee a day – four tops if I really need a serious perk up. I normally take it with cream and sugar but if I’m really sleepy, I drink black coffee. I don’t really see it as an addiction, but some people do. I’m usually surprised every time people regard me as a coffee addict.

a cup of cappuccino

a cup of cappuccino

My colleagues at work are usually the ones who tell me of my so-called coffee addiction. They stare at me with amazement whenever they see me having my second or third cup of coffee. They said it’s bad for me and all. Well hey, I never make comments about their smoking habits. I don’t tell them that smoking is bad and that they should quit. To each his own.

Some people love to smoke while others love to drink. Well I don’t smoke. I don’t do drugs. I only drink alcohol once in a while. Coffee is my thing. And that’s something they can’t take away from me.

I like my coffee hot and cold.

I like my coffee hot and cold.

A Fusion of Fun and “Substance”

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AIME group pic @ KrokodileGrilleLast Saturday wasn’t exactly the perfect day to have a night out with friends because of the slightly gloomy weather – not to mention that it was raining sporadically. But that still didn’t stop my friends and I from having a great time. It was actually a reunion of sorts as my friends from my previous work and I decided to meet up last Saturday for dinner.

My friends and I agreed to meet at Shangri-La Plaza early evening. We were really excited to see each other again after last year’s reunion. Except for one, almost all of my friends were there. We had dinner at Krokodile Grille and spent the early hours of the evening chatting and reminiscing the good times we had at the editorial department of the magazine where we used to work. However, our al fresco dining was interrupted by the sudden pouring of rain. It was a good thing that the restaurant had big umbrellas to shelter us from the rain. So we finished our dinner amidst the rain and chilly wind.

getting wasted

Our original plan of just dining out turned into a fun, riotous night as we decided at the last minute to go to a karaoke bar after dinner for a drink or two. Since all of us had limited knowledge of cheap karaoke bars, we ended up going to Synder Karaoke Bar in Pioneer, Mandaluyong – the nearest karaoke bar we could think of. The place was not exactly great in terms of space and cleanliness but it’s all right. The service was quite good anyway.

Another former coworker of ours, Cox, came at the bar just in time to join us. We had a blast belting out (off-key) songs we love including the ones we love to hate. After three rounds of Tanduay Ice and a pack or two of cigarettes (for the three girls anyway), we decided we had enough.

getting wasted in Synder Karaoke Bar

It was a night of (mis)adventure as we proceeded from the bar to Blue Wave along Roxas Boulevard (?) to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks. But we had to wait for Racky because she got tipsy and had to puke in the bathroom. By the time we got to Starbucks (around 3:00 AM), the coffee shop was already closed so we took another cab and headed to Mall of Asia. We went around the area a bit looking for a 24-hour coffee shop. By then, the rain was pouring hard and most of us were already wet. We were so grateful when we spotted a Starbucks at San Miguel by the Bay. And what do you know, they’re open 24 hours! So we dashed inside and ordered cups of piping hot coffee courtesy of Xien who was celebrating her birthday this week.

passing the time at Starbucks, San Miguel by the Bay

We spent the wee hours of the morning there and talked about “substantial” stuff (which was an inside joke). It was already 6:00 AM when we left the coffee shop and parted ways. I finally came home at 7:00 AM feeling sleepy but satisfied. I really had fun that night and realized how much I missed the gang.

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