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When I was a kid, I was a member of the Girl Scouts like every other schoolgirl back then. I became a part of it not by choice but as mandated by the school (or was it by the government? I forgot.) I barely remember what I did as a Girl Scout. All I could remember was that there was this instance when we had to go camping. I really wanted to join and experience what it’s like to sleep in a tent and cook in firewood. But unfortunately my parents didn’t allow me to. So I was kind of jealous when all the other kids at school gushed about their experiences when they went camping.

Growing up I always wanted to try camping but never had the opportunity – until just last week. My boss decided that we go camping over the weekend at Camp Benjamin. It was actually sort of a business trip mixed with pleasure. It would just be an overnight thing – my colleagues and I staying at the camp for one night.

So last Friday after office hours, my colleagues and I traveled to Ilaya in Alfonso, Cavite where Camp Benjamin was located. It was a little more than two hours of travel and by the time we arrived at the camp, it was already almost 10:00pm – and freezing cold! We were pleased to find out that we were the only guests at the camp that night. We had a late dinner at the camp’s Mon’s Restaurant after which we headed to the camp site where our tents were already set up. I excitedly picked my tent of choice and was delighted to find that the tent looked cozy enough. Each of the individual tent was equipped with a mattress, blanket, towel, and a battery-powered lamp. The bathroom and shower stalls were located not far off the camp site.

After settling in, my colleagues and I gathered around a bonfire specially prepared for us by the camp’s friendly staff. However, our plan to roast hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire got hindered by the fact that it was scorching hot. So we ended up just drinking and munching on chips. My boss retired early for the night while my officemates and I stayed up until the wee hours of the next morning.

I slept soundly inside my cozy tent and was woken up by the sounds of crowing roosters from the nearby farm the next day. It was so refreshing to wake up to the sounds of nature and breathe in fresh air. A trickle of guests arrived at the camp by mid-morning. Most of them were employees of big companies visiting the camp for team-building activities. Not surprising since the camp also offers facilities for team building such as an obstacle course, water slide, and a zip line.

Our morning was spent  exploring the camp and taking pictures. By noon, we met our business partner who toured us around the massive camp. We talked business the rest of the afternoon. The day ended with us trying the zip line. It was my second time to go zip lining and I must say that it still gave me the jitters! I went all weak-kneed when I was done. We left shortly after that and headed back to Manila.

We were exhausted by the time we came back to Manila but it was all worth it. I had such a great time at the camp and I want to go back there and go camping again.

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