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A fangirl of a fandom will most likely to have her own OTP (One True Pairing) at some point or another. In fact, a fangirl is almost always synonymous with a shipper. There’s just something about an OTP that makes fangirls ship them obsessively. In Philippine showbiz, this pairing is called “loveteam.”

I myself am a shipper of several TV fandoms. And as a tribute to my favorite fandoms, here is a list of my five favorite OTPs of all time:

1. Mulder and Scully (a.k.a MSR, or Mulder and Scully Relationship)


This OTP is the mother of all ships. Fans of The X-Files such as myself were the ones who invented the term “ship” back in the 90’s long before any other fandom. The Mulder and Scully relationship is my very first and most favorite ship of all time. But it didn’t start that way. I’m a fan of The X-Files since my college days but I didn’t initially ship MSR. I was a fencer back then. But when I first saw The X-Files: Fight the Future movie and seen the bee sting scene between Mulder and Scully, I instantly became a shipper. Since then I’ve been shipping them.

MSR-FTF duchorny Tumblr GIF image from duchorney Tumblr

Through the years I’ve come to love MSR because of their unique bond and unwavering support and belief in each other despite of adversities. They’ve been through a lot as FBI partners – from alien abductions and black oil virus outbreaks to government conspiracies. As a fangirl, I’ll never forget such memorable lines like, “Even when my world was falling apart, you were my constant. My touchstone.” and “You’re my one in five billion.” MSR is a classic you-and-me-against-the-world love story and I love it.

2. Donna and Harvey (a.k.a Darvey)

    Harvey winks at Donna-2 GIF image from sarahraffertydaily Tumblr
Harvey & Donna_s1ep8

Darvey is my most recent OTP. I’ve been a fan of Suits ever since its first season aired on local TV. But I didn’t ship Donna and Harvey until the show’s third season, although I already suspected that there was something going on between them when I saw season two. Donna and Harvey didn’t start out as a potential couple in the show. In season 1, they were presented to the audience as merely boss and employee, with Harvey being the boss and Donna as his secretary. But their story began to unravel in season 2, when the show hinted of their past together. Like many Darvey shippers, I’ve become fascinated with their dynamic relationship. Their witty banter, teasing innuendos, meaningful looks, and loyalty to each other keep me glued to the screen. Their scenes together are just oozing with UST. Not to mention that they have a weird and mysterious can opener ritual that viewers are not even privy to. Season 3 validated what Darvey shippers have long suspected about their past relationship, and that became a culminating point for me to become a full-pledged Darvey shipper.

3. Booth and Brennan

Bones is one of my favorite crime drama shows since CSI. Its main characters, Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan, are reminiscent of the MSR dynamic – one is a skeptic and the other one is a believer. I love the fact that Booth and Brennan became a couple only after several seasons and the transition from crime partners to lovers was seamlessly woven into the story.

Bones fan art_TheWomanInWhite

Booth and Brennan complement each other. While Brennan likes to keep things objective and in the realms of science when solving crimes, Booth is the opposite. He is more emotionally invested in his work, relying on his guts and showing compassion to those who’ve been wronged. Over the years, they have influenced each other in a positive way. Their wedding scene was one of my favorite episodes of the show and every Booth and Brennan shippers’ dream coming true.

4. Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley

One cannot talk about Downton Abbey without mentioning the show’s main couple, Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley. I shipped these two since the beginning of the show. Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley were one of those classic couples who disliked each other at first but eventually ended up together. It reminded me of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. Lady Mary was cold and snobbish towards Matthew when she first met him and he was wary of her initially because of her family’s attempts to pair him off. But she eventually warmed up to him and he to her and they tied the knot not long after.


Unfortunately, this ship ended way too soon after the show decided to kill off Matthew. Like many Downton Abbey fans, I was shocked when I heard the news that Matthew had been killed off in the show’s Christmas special. I had to wait a few weeks after the Christmas special aired in the US to see for myself that Matthew was indeed gone. After that season, I had difficulty accepting that my favorite ship no longer existed. I could not even understand why Dan Stevens, the actor who played Matthew would want to leave the show.

Matthew & Lady MaryGIF image from

Now that the show is on its fifth season, I could not even bring myself to like Lady Mary’s new suitors, Lord Gillingham and Charles Blake. For me, Lady Mary and Matthew were the show’s ultimate OTP.

5. Michael and Nikita (a.k.a Mikita)

Of course when I say Nikita, I’m talking about the TV remake not the 90’s series nor the movie where the show was based on. Michael and Nikita started out as mentor and mentee but eventually evolved into something more. Both shared a troubled past that brought them closer together. What I love about Mikita is that they eventually joined forces after becoming adversaries. They knew they needed each other. They fought side by side against the Division, a secretive group of the CIA that trained assassins such as Nikita. They might had disagreements from time to time, especially when it comes to carrying out assignments but they would always resolve them eventually.

Nikita & Michael

That intense fight scene where Michael retrieved his stolen engagement ring from a bad guy and the look on Nikita’s face when she found out was priceless. And I love the fact that they remained a couple right up to the end of the show.

So there you have it. While one of these ships had a tragic ending, most of my OTPs already have a happy ending. Of course any shipper would want a happy ending in their OTPs. Who wouldn’t?

Holiday Binges

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I had the opportunity to take a long Christmas break last December. And aside from visiting relatives and bingeing on food, I spent the holiday season binge- watching TV shows that I wasn’t able to watch for a long time. The holiday break was a chance for me to catch up on episodes of some of my favorite TV shows. Thus, I scheduled three shows to binge-watch:

1. Bones (season 8) – This has been a long time coming. I know I still have a lot to catch up on. I haven’t seen the first half of season 9 yet, especially that most-talked about wedding episode. I’ve been avoiding reading spoilers so hopefully I can catch up soon. Honestly, my interest in Bones has waned a little bit. The quality of the show has been receding and I think they jumped the shark when they did that Jersey Shore-like episode. But no matter, I’ll still watch season 9 for what it’s worth.


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2. Nikita (season 3 & 4) – Another favorite show of mine that unfortunately got axed too soon. While the third season wasn’t as fantastic and gripping as season 1 and 2, I enjoyed it immensely all the same. It’s just sad that the fourth season was the show’s last. This was the only good show worth watching on The CW. But at least the fans were justified with the fourth and last season. I got full closure after watching the action-packed season 4. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and at least there was a happy ending, and for me that’s good enough.


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3. The Fall (season 1) – Finally, I was able to watch this critically-acclaimed British show. The show stars Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, who was called to Belfast to solve a murder case that turned out to be linked to other violent murders by a disturbed serial killer. Of course, being a fan of Gillian Anderson, I just had to see this show. The serial killer is portrayed by Jamie Dornan, who I was familiar with as the sheriff in Once Upon a Time. Watching him, I think I understand why he was chosen to play Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the Fifty Shades of Grey book series. Gillian’s performance on the other hand, was perfect as always.

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without me watching the Downton Abbey season 4 Christmas special. Thank God there was no death on the show that I had to deal with compared to the third season where Matthew met his untimely demise. Downton Abbey is one of my new favorite shows these days along with Suits. I also have a lineup of new shows I’ve been meaning to watch. If schedule permits, I’ll be watching them anytime soon.

Here Comes September

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Thank goodness it’s September already. For me, September can only mean one thing: the start of the new season of US TV shows. And there are two shows I am most looking forward to watch this month – the sixth season of Bones and the second season of Glee. I’m so excited to watch these two shows for a number of reasons. For one, I’m totally crazy about Bones and I just can’t wait to watch the new season when Brennan comes back from Indonesia and Agent Booth returns from Afghanistan. Ever since that season five cliffhanger, I am so eager to see how Brennan and Booth’s working relationship changes after a year apart. I waited for two months for this and now that it’s September, I can’t really wait! I’ve read a few spoilers of the show’s sixth season and learned something surprising. I am a shipper by heart and this piece of news doesn’t sit well with me. I just hope it won’t be too long before us shippers get to see what we’ve been waiting to happen. And this time it should be for real, not in a dream sequence.

As for Glee, I got hooked on this show the minute I saw the Pilot episode. Glee is not just all about being happy with who you are no matter what other people think but more. Every episode teems with positivism and is very uplifting. But perhaps what makes the show’s second season special and a must-see is that Charice Pempengco will appear in it. Practically every Filipino Gleek anticipates her appearance on the show including me. I found a promotional trailer of Glee on You Tube, which to my delightful surprise features Emily Deschanel and Tamara Taylor from Bones. The video has poor audio quality, though (as I can’t find one with good audio). Bones season 6 premieres on September 23 while Glee season 2 starts on September 22 (US time).

Bones Says the Darndest Things

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I’ve been catching up on the Bones episodes I missed these past few days (season 5, that is) and I gotta say that I find Dr. Temperance Brennan – the main character in the show – to be totally endearing. Brennan – or “Bones” as her FBI agent partner Seeley Booth fondly calls her – really says the funniest things without meaning to be funny. Though she is a brilliant forensic anthropologist, her lack of social skills and knowledge of pop culture make fodder for most of the hilarious if not wittiest dialogues in the show. Her deadpan way of pointing out a fact also adds to her unique charm. And I love the chemistry between her and Booth. Yup, I am definitely shipping for Booth and Brennan. They are the next best on-screen partner after Mulder and Scully.

Here are some of my favorite Brennan quotes from the show:

Booth: What? Do you want me to spit in my hand? We’re Scully and Mulder.
Brennan: I don’t know what that means.


Brennan: “I would like to marry you.”
Booth: Kind of sudden, Bones. Let me think about that.
Brennan: No, Booth. That’s what Angela told Hodgins. Are you joking?


Brennan: They’re all pumping me.
Booth: Excuse me!?


Booth: Reason for wanting a gun?
Brennan: To shoot people.
Booth: Not a good response.
Brennan: It’s the truth!
Booth: You know, I’m writing self-defense in the performance of my duties pursuing suspected felons as contracted out to the FBI…
Brennan: …so I can shoot them.


Booth: Enough, OK? We’ll talk about it later.
Brennan: Well I’m not asking for you to be involved. All I want is your sperm.


Brennan: She’s easily as pretty as I am. I mean, using me as a standard.
Booth: Well Bones, you are a standard.

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