Birthday Weekend Getaway

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I just came back from San Juan, Batangas where I spent my birthday frolicking at the beach and relaxing at the resort. It was sort of an adventure trip actually. I traveled alone with no companion at all. It was my first time as a solo traveler and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. This was what I’ve always wanted – some time alone by myself.

This idea came about last year when I decided to do something out of the ordinary for my birthday this 2012. I said to myself that I’m going to treat myself this year and go out of town. And after a stressful month at work, I booked myself a resort room in Balai sa San Juan just in time for the long weekend holiday.

So last Friday, I found myself traveling to an unfamiliar place excited about spending time at the beach. The resort had this rustic feel to it and I loved that it was situated in a secluded area. My room had no phone, TV, and minibar at all. There was no WiFi either. And I was glad because I didn’t want any modern distraction. Part of the reason why I wanted to go solo was because I wanted to go back to writing. It’s been a long time since I drafted a short story, and the beach was the perfect place for me to write.

I spent my first day at the resort exploring and just walking along the beach taking in the fresh sea breeze and watching the calming waves. I intended to watch the sunset at the beach but unfortunately, the skies were cloudy that time and the sun remained hidden behind those clouds. I reserved the night just typing away at my laptop with a new story in mind.

The morning after was my birthday and I spent the whole day at the beach. It was a good thing that it was off season because there was hardly anyone at the beach. After enjoying a good few hours of swimming, I settled in one of the cottages along the shore and past the time alternately reading a book and writing. I stayed there until dusk but unfortunately no sign of the sunset again because the sky remained cloudy.

I checked out the next day but not before I had my last walk along the beach. It’s such a shame that my vacation ended so soon. I honestly was not ready to leave. In fact, when I came back to Manila I felt disappointed after I had my first glimpse of the skycrapers. The mountains, trees and lush greeneries of Batangas were gone and instead there were concrete and steel everywhere. I’ll take the beach any day if you ask me.

No Big Bang, Just Rain

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Spent my birthday last Friday with just my close friends. I wanted a simple celebration minus the fuss and without fanfare. And since I only get to see my close friends a few times in a year due to our busy schedules, I thought it would be good to gather them together in one night for a simple dinner. We had dinner at Banapple in Makati but it rained later in the night. The rain poured heavily so even though we brought umbrellas we still got wet when we left the place. Heavy rain meant more blessings, as my friend Ghe observed.

The Birthday Chronicles

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Well it’s been two days since my birthday and I must say, I had a fun celebration. But my birthday celebration wasn’t glitz and glamour or anything like that. What happened was a simple get-together with new and old friends alike. Actually, the celebration was kinda unique since it was rather a protracted one. I had a pre-birthday celebration last Saturday. I met with my two friends Andy and Mela and we spent a few hours at the salon pampering ourselves (they each had a pedicure while I had my hair treatment). My plan to get hair highlights was postponed as expected due to the condition of my hair. The hairstylist told me to go back after two weeks. After the trip to the salon, we went shopping a bit and dined out.


Then my actual birthday came. There was a simple gathering with my friends at the office and we had a fun (not to mention boisterous!) celebration. But the celebration didn’t end there. I also met with my other friends for a quiet dinner that night at Gerry’s Grill. The next day was my office friend Lady’s birthday and it was decided before that we merge our birthday blowout on her birthday. So the result was another boisterous gathering at the office pantry. And finally last night I treated my housemates to a pizza as promised. It was a quiet late birthday celebration and I had a good time talking with my housemates. Whew! Talk about a prolonged birthday! Well for me it was worth it since we only celebrate our birthdays once a year and it’s not every day that I turn (ehem, insert age here), hehe. It was another experience for me – a happy and fun one.


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