Justice Meted Out

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Finally after almost two years, the UP student who brutally killed a kitten in the school grounds is convicted by a Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court for violating the Animal Welfare Act. He is ordered to pay the P2,000 fine and do mandatory community service at the animal shelter for six months. I for one think that the punishment is not enough. But in a country where the Animal Welfare Act is not common knowledge and animal cruelty is still rampant, this is already good news. I am just thankful that there are organizations like PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) and CARA (Compassion & Responsibility for Animals) that actively campaign against animal cruelty.

It is just sad that cats in the Philippines do not get the same treatment as dogs when it comes to having them as pets. Filipinos are generally dog people. Cats here suffer the stigma of being viewed as “lazy, cold, and filthy” animals that only scavenge for food. I have encountered so many Pinoys who hate cats and hurt them or just throw them away. To them the only pet worth keeping are dogs.

It is time that Filipinos become aware that there is a law against animal cruelty and that all animals should be treated with compassion. This highly profiled case about a cat killer is a first for the country. I hope that other pending cases will receive the same justice.

Wake Up Call: End Animal Cruelty

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For the past weeks, I have been following the developments of the case filed against the serial cat killer in UP Diliman. I first caught this piece of disturbing news from the Multiply account of PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society), for which I am subscribed. What I read in one of PAWS’ blog posts was so shocking and horrible that it left me quite disturbed. I don’t want to recount the disgusting tale here as it upsets me greatly. I can only say that NO person should treat animals that way, especially those we treat as pets.

I adore cats. I had quite a few pet cats before when I was still in school and I’m taking care of two at the moment. Though pets are not allowed in my apartment, I have managed to give shelter to and care for the two cats.

I fully support PAWS’ legal action against that cat killer and already signed the online petition. I truly hope justice will be given to the poor murdered kitten. And I’m glad that so many people are taking action and supporting the cause. Kudos to GMA 7 for reporting the incident on TV. It’s high time that Filipinos become aware that we do have laws against animal cruelty.

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