Favorite London Olympics 2012 Finale Highlights

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I’m not really a sports buff so the recently concluded London Olympics 2012 was not exactly a big deal for me. But whenever it’s on, the only sport I watch is gymnastics. Though I used to watch soccer and tennis matches, somehow gymnastics is the only sport in the Olympics I find interesting enough to watch in recent years. I also usually watch the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics game.

Unfortunately I missed watching the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics 2012 due to my hectic schedule. I just saw it belatedly on the Web. So to make up for it, I made sure I watch the closing ceremonies on TV. And so I did. I wasn’t able to catch up the live show but saw the replay nonetheless. Though I found the first part of it a bit corny, I must say the rest of it was generally breathtaking and emotional at the same time.

One of my favorite highlights of the closing ceremony was when the Spice Girls performed. I was a huge Spice Girls fan back in the day so my intention to watch the closing ceremony was further fueled by the knowledge of the girls reuniting and performing. Their performance was fantastic and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was awesome to see them together again (Although I failed to see British prime minister David Cameron dancing to the Spice Girls in the sidelines.).

Photo courtesy of fashion-court.com

Another favorite highlight of the show was when a large phoenix emerged from the flames of the Olympic torches while Take That sang their song “Rule the World.” That was really breathtaking and I thought it was appropriate that the boy band chose that particular song. The fireworks at the end part of their song was spectacular. I also loved it when Fatboy Slim rocked the stage with his two massive hits enveloped by a giant octopus.

Muse singing the Olympic theme song, “Survival” is also one of favorite highlights. The song sounded so different from a typical celebratory sports anthem. It sounded so Muse.

Winning a gold medal at the Olympics is a great achievement. But I think the experience itself, of being a part of it – as an athlete or a volunteer – is enough to make it a memorable event for all those involved.

Changing the Game

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I’m proud to say that I was part of the thousands of people who attended the recently concluded 22nd Philippine Ad Congress. Being a Bicolano myself, the Ad Congress this year was special for me not only because it was my first time to attend but also because it was held in CamSur Watersports Complex. The CWC is a world-renowned tourist attraction in Bicol known for its world-class wakeboarding facilities. I always wanted to go there and perhaps try wakeboarding myself.

So imagine my excitement when I found out that I was going to be a participant in this year’s Ad Congress. It’s truly an amazing opportunity for me. Thanks to the company I’m working for now. I wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for them. I was in CamSur on the 17th of November with my boss and officemates until the 19th.

The three-day event was a flurry of various activities for me and my team. But we were there mainly to learn from the experts in media and network with colleagues in the industry. At daytime, we listened to the invited speakers such as social media guru Charlene Li and feasted on scrumptious dishes at lunchtime – with fun raffles all throughout. At night, we partied and networked with people and basically just had a good time.

One thing I learned while I was there: never drink too much at one party when you’re still going to attend an after party! Learned that the hard way…

The event was overflowing with swags and the official loot bag for the delegates was huge! I could barely carry it! There was also a trade exhibit, sports activities, a fashion show, fun games and contests, and dinner shows peppered with celebrities. What more could you ask for?

the delegate's official PAC22 loot bag

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try wakeboarding. Since all delegates got a free wakeboarding pass, my officemates and I thought of trying it out. Alas, we arrived too late at the obstacle course and there were already lots of people in the waiting list. If we were to wait for our turn there, we would probably be able to wakeboard late at night! Not a good time to enjoy it. And besides, it was our last day in CamSur. We held off with our wakeboarding pass til the end of the Ad Congress thinking we would still be able to enjoy it. Oh well, the free pass expires til February of next year. So there’s still an opporunity for me to wakeboard.

The Ad Congress this year was truly exciting, enriching, and with a lot of fanfare. Hopefully next year I can be a part of it again.

My First Time

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I have a confession to make. I never did this thing before so I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited and at the same time quite unsure. My partner did it before so she knew what to do. She said it would be really easy. So I went along with it. And…it was such an enjoyable experience!

As much as I am embarrassed to admit this but… yes, it was my first time to go bowling. I had opportunities before to go bowling, but they never pushed through. My friends and I would have difficulty scheduling it – what with our work, busy lifestyles and all. It was a good thing that my friend in Pinoy X-Philes suggested this activity.

And as a first-time player, I wasn’t that bad! Sure, there were a couple of strikes but my scores weren’t all that bad after two games. My friend Lily and I had so much fun bowling yesterday. And we hope to have another one soon, but this time with our other friends in the group.

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