A Cloud Unlike Any Other

April 18, 2011 at 1:12 PM | Posted in Photography | Leave a comment
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About two weeks ago I chanced upon an unusual cloud formation that I couldn’t resist taking pictures of. I just got off from work that day and was walking along Benavidez Street in Makati when I happened to look up at the sky. And there it was. At first I thought it was a beam of spotlight somewhere. But as I stared at it, it became clear that it was a cloud (or jet stream?). I didn’t have my digicam with me so I grabbed my Sony Ericsson camera phone instead and snapped a few photos.

Jet cloud seen on Salcedo Street corner Benavidez

Spontaneous Captures

March 14, 2011 at 7:21 PM | Posted in Photography | 1 Comment
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Been taking pictures at home lately. And my favorite subject at the moment is of course, the view at the rooftop of my apartment! I took these shots in random using my Sony Ericsson camera phone (as I left my digicam somewhere). Some were taken in the morning but most of them I took on sunny afternoons (or near twilight) on weekends. I’m not a pro when it comes to photography so the quality is not that good. But anyway, I took these pictures for the sheer pleasure of it.

A Room with a View

January 13, 2011 at 5:37 PM | Posted in Musings, Photography | 1 Comment
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window view

My new apartment room has a nice view of the city skyline. Whereas my old room in my previous apartment did not have any good view from its window (all it had was a view of the small backyard), this one makes up for it. I can see the sky and the surrounding high-rise hotels from the window of my new apartment room.

view from the veranda

I also had the opportunity last night to hang out a bit on the rooftop of the apartment building. The air is cooler there and breezy during the day so it is a perfect spot for relaxing. I spent a few minutes there just chilling and admiring the view. The view on the rooftop is quite marvelous. Though it is just a mid-rise building, one can still see a panoramic view of the city skyline from the top. I couldn’t let the good view pass without taking any pictures so I brought my camera with me and started capturing images.

View of St. Giles Hotel and Makati Prime Tower from the rooftop

The A. Venue Suites can be seen from the rooftop

Rockwell from afar

A Thing of Beauty

July 2, 2009 at 8:49 AM | Posted in Beauty, Photography, Writing | 2 Comments
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As the old saying goes, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” What may be ugly or uninteresting to others can be beautiful to me and vice versa. I have a different view when it comes to how I see the world. As an artist (Yes, a writer can be called an artist. I have encountered a few people who seem to relegate artists only to those who design, paint, or take photos. Well duh.), I take pleasure in observing things around me. I may not be much of a talker but I observe.

I delight in the simple things in nature. I can get awestruck just by looking at the sea, a blossoming flower, or even a morning dew. To me, that is beauty. I’m an audience not an actor. I’m creative not technical. I’m emotional not mental. I can get inspired by just the littlest of things or ordinary events happening around me. Beauty is symmetry. Symmetry is beauty. Beauty is in a perfectly-shaped seashell. Beauty is watching a dog make fine pawprints on the sand. It is personal and subjective. Some people don’t understand why I delight in taking pictures of a footprint, a tree, or any random thing I find beautiful. These people don’t seem to appreciate nature or the things around them. They grew up seeing things as they are and taking them for granted. They are analytical. They don’t get passionate about the simple things.

Given the opportunity, I would like to try photography sometime. My main medium of communication is a pen and paper — or in this case, a computer. I think it would be neat to take up photography as a hobby. I might be using another medium (i.e., a camera) but the message would be the same — that is to communicate.

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