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Yes, I’m one of the millions of people around the world who watched the live coverage of the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton last April 29. Like many, I eagerly anticipated this historic event not because I like weddings or simply thought it’s romantic (though it surely was). It was because of Princess Diana. I have been a big fan of Diana since her two sons, Princes William and Harry, were still just little boys. I watched these two princes grow up and have seen William become more and more like his mother in terms of dealing with the common people and helping the needy.

Photo courtesy of nowmagazine.co.uk

Though I’m not British, I feel proud that William have chosen someone who can continue the legacy left by Diana. They do look like the perfect couple and their wedding was just fabulous. I don’t believe in fairytales but I can say that the royal wedding was truly a real-life fairytale.

Going Beyond 60 Minutes

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On Saturday, March 26 at exactly 8:30 PM the lights went out in the Ayala Triangle Gardens simultaneously with the rest of the cities around the world for Earth Hour 2011. I went to the park that evening at around 8:15 to go running. I was not expecting the park management to participate in Earth Hour since to my knowledge there weren’t any announcements made but I’m glad they did. I was also delighted to learn that there was a cultural show at the park that night to celebrate the event. So since the park was enveloped in darkness and I could not go running in the dark, I decided to watch the show instead (Thank goodness I had my camera phone with me!). Meanwhile my sister who was in our apartment that time switched off the lights and unplugged all electrical appliances when the clock ticked 8:30. I came back from the park at around 10:00 and found that our room was still bathed in candlelight. We decided to turn the lights back on at 10:30.

Photo taken after the clock struck 9:30

I’m just glad that we participated in this worldwide event. I feel I contributed something for the cause even though it was just a small thing. I know little could mean a lot. In the previous years, the Philippines actually saved a lot of energy just by switching off the lights for one hour. According to the World Wildlife Fund Philippines, the country saved 611MWh of electricity last 2009. Imagine that.

Inching my way through the crowd (I holding the camera)

And there goes my message at the bottom of the board

Turn Off the Lights for 60+ Minutes

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I know I will be on March 26, Saturday. I’ve been participating in Earth Hour for the past two years in my own little way and I’m just proud to be a part of it. Spread the word!

Take a Number

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Yup, that’s what I ran into when I arrived at the precinct where I was supposed to vote during the Philippines’ national and local elections yesterday. I had to take a number and get in line before I could vote. From what I’ve seen and heard at the precinct, majority of the voters there weren’t aware that we all had to take a number first. It came as a big suprise to all actually. Whereas in the past elections, voters only had to look for their name in the list posted on the boards, get in a short line, and wait for their turn.

indelible ink on my finger

Being excited to vote in the country’s first automated election, I got up early Monday morning and dropped by in Pasig City to vote. I got there in the school premises at 7:45 AM but had a hard time finding my precinct. By 8:00 AM I finally found my precinct, got in line outside, and waited for three whole hours before my number was called. The day was hot, the air humid, and the precinct was overcrowded. During those long hours of waiting, people were short-tempered, confused, angry, and pissed off because of the extremely long lines and chaotic voting system. I was thankful that I had a heavy breakfast that morning or I would have fainted already in the intense heat and large crowds.

By 11:00 AM I was finally ushered in the precinct to cast my vote. It only took me about ten minutes or less to vote including inserting the ballot through the PCOS machine. I was so relieved when I finally came out of the school premises. I was pleased with myself that I became a part of an historic election. Despite of the confusion of the new voting system and the technical glitches encountered, I could say that the automated election was a success. Give it time to mature and improve the system and I think automated elections in the future will run smoothly.

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