About Me

Stumbling upon my blog you might have asked, “Who is the person behind this? What is this blog about?”

For starters, I am a writer-slash-digital marketer just trying to make my way in this sometimes crazy world.

My blog is an amalgamation of personal musings, film and TV reviews, book reviews, accounts of my travels, and just about anything I want to write. This is simply a place for me to pour my thoughts out.

I am a frustrated novelist and poet who loves sci-fi and coffee.

When I started this blog, I was not sure how to define it so I wrote the poem below instead:



To know me is to go through a labyrinthine journey full of twists and turns,

intricate passages, mysterious places, unexpected detours, and dark alleys.

Prepare to be shocked, bewildered, and surprised

by the entanglement that is me.

I am the ocean wave that crashes onto the rocky shores of life.

I am the unpredictable storm.

I am me.


ocean wave hitting a rock

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