The Tale of the Missing Manuscript

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Browsing through iGoogle today got me thinking of my unfinished autobiography. There’s a How-to article there about writing an autobiography and instantly I remembered that I once started writing my autobiography back when I was still in college. That time, I loved the idea of writing an autobiography of my own and chronicling the events that happened in my life. I thought then that it would be a way for me to tell my story. So that’s what I did. I tried recalling things and events that happened during my childhood and wrote them down on paper. I was able to write a few pages somehow but then I got busy with my thesis and I just didn’t have the time so it was eventually forgotten.

I’ve been meaning to continue writing it when I started working but because I now live in Manila and I left the manuscript back home in the province, I wasn’t able to. Then a series of unfortunate events happened: my family decided to renovate some portions of our provincial house and some of my and my sister’s stuff (including drafts of my writing) got misplaced or thrown out — not to mention I forgot where I’ve kept the manuscript in the first place! And so that was it. My manuscript was lost — gone forever. It’s such a shame because I liked what I wrote there. Now if (or when) I want to write my autobiography again, I have to start from scratch.


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Sharon Olds poem

I recently came across this poem by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Sharon Olds and it struck me as both poignant and relevant. This particular line of the poem spoke to me like it was talking about my life. As an introvert, I am never the type to put my heart on my sleeve. Whatever my opinions are, whatever I feel I usually put it in writing – either on this blog, in my private diary, or on social media. I can be a really keen observer, especially when it comes to people and situations. I might not be very vocal about it, but I form opinions in my head. I am like Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I write what I observe. Perhaps some of that you can read on my blog or on Twitter but some are kept in private, away from prying eyes.

The poem also reminded me of my previous attempt to write my own autobiography. Given my past and present experiences, I have a lot of stories to tell. Some of them I’ve already divulged to my close friends but others are still waiting to be written. Maybe someday I will eventually write about them or maybe not. There are things in life that are better left forgotten, unspoken or unwritten.

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