London Calling

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I had an interesting conversation with my uncle recently. My uncle, along with my sister and I have been planning to go on a vacation abroad next year. We’ve been discussing about it since early this year but we haven’t made up our minds yet on which place to visit. Our initial plan was to go to Malaysia but we eventually changed our minds and thought of other places to go. My sister and I are actually interested to visit Thailand but since my uncle has been there before, he suggested that we pick another.

If there is one thing that the three of us have in common, it is that we love to explore and experience different cultures. We’re not the kind of travelers whose main agenda in visiting a country is to go shopping. I, for one, love arts and culture. I’d rather visit museums and watch cultural shows than go to a mall and shop.

My uncle suggested that we visit China because he wants to see the Great Wall. But my sister and I are not really keen on going to China. For me, China is not exotic and foreign enough. Going to China would be like going on a trip to Binondo. My lackluster response to my uncle’s suggestion led to him suggest London instead. I found out from him that we actually have relatives living in London. I didn’t know that. He added that we could stay at our relatives’ house in London while we’re there, so accommodation won’t be a problem.

So of course, my answer was a big YES. I’ve never been to London. In fact, London is in my bucket list of places I would love to visit. I’m a little bit of an Anglophile so I’m really excited about this. And since I am a big fan of Downton Abbey, the first thing that came to my mind when my uncle suggested London was to visit Highclere Castle.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle, a.k.a Downton Abbey
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But for now it’s still a plan. We haven’t picked a date yet because we’re still going over our schedules and looking at other priorities. But here’s hoping that this London trip will push through.

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