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I first heard about the movie, Lucy after it became a hit in the US. I had no idea what the movie was about. All I knew that it was directed by Luc Besson – the same director and writer of highly acclaimed movies I’ve seen like Leon: The Professional and Nikita, which by the way, is one of my favorite characters in pop culture.

My interest wasn’t exactly piqued when I read the basic plot of Lucy. The plot summary was too vague for me and it didn’t really grab my attention. The movie trailer didn’t get a rise out of me either and I don’t exactly follow the reviews so I had mixed feelings about it. But I was curious enough to check the film out because, hey, it’s from Luc Besson.

Watching Lucy was like a mixture of watching a program on National Geographic and History Channel and several sci-fi movies. It delved on scientific theories and discussions about time and the human brain’s capacity to acquire and absorb knowledge. The scenes at a hotel in Taiwan where Lucy was forced to deliver the briefcase full of drugs were paralleled with depictions of wild animals hunting for prey in the jungle. The first half of the movie was a bit dragging and there wasn’t enough backstory on the titular character of Lucy except that she’s in Taiwan. I was expecting a lot of action-packed scenes but there were only a few. But it’s okay. The second half of the movie got pretty interesting.

The movie reminded me of The Lawnmower Man and Transcendence, with a little bit of The Matrix thrown in. Come to think of it – Morgan Freeman, who played a professor in this movie was also in Transcendence. I even got a Nikita vibe during the scene where Lucy disguised herself with a black wig and dark shades.

There were loopholes in the story, though. I know this is a sci-fi movie but my suspension of disbelief could only go so far. I find it hard to believe that the police immediately took Lucy’s word and acted upon her tipoff without enough background checks about her and the validity of her claims. Unless she manipulated their minds with her acquired superhuman abilities?

All in all, I liked the movie but it still felt like everything on the second half of the film was anticlimactic.

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