Road Trip

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Later this month I will be traveling to my hometown in Bicol with my sister. We’ve been planning about this for a long time and I’m excited that our trip is getting nearer. This time though we’ll be on a road trip instead of taking the bus. My sister and I will be traveling via our uncle’s car. It will be about nine to ten hours drive and I’m fine with it. I like road trips because it gives me the opportunity to see the sights along the way, aside from the fact that you can have a stop over any time you want.

You see the purpose of our going home to the province is not only because we’re visiting our family there but also because we’ll be helping our uncle settle into his house. Ever since my uncle suffered a stroke almost two years ago, he’s been wanting to go home and live in retirement there. He has been working in Manila all his life and now that he’s retired, he will be occupying his newly renovated house in Bicol. Most of his stuff here in Manila – furniture, appliances, clothes – have been shipped there two months ago. My sister and I will be helping him unpack and shop for new things he need. His house here in Manila is already up for sale.

I am definitely looking forward to coming home. This time my sister and I will be staying a little longer so that means I will have more time to spend with my family there. This will also give me the opportunity to meet my old college buddies there whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I still have contact with my friends there but mostly we only communicate through text messages and occasional hellos via Facebook. Hopefully I can gather all my friends while I am there and catch up with what’s going on in their lives.

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