Can Opener, Thumbtacks and Whipped Cream

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If you’re an avid fan of the TV show, Suits, then you would know what I’m talking about. The can opener, along with three dozen thumbtacks, are part of the big mystery going on in the show. What makes Suits intriguing to watch is because of the sporadic appearances or mention of this kitchen utensil and office supply. I have been watching Suits since its first season. I wasn’t an avid fan at first during its initial run but my interest was piqued because of the premise that a young man named Mike with photographic memory is pretending to be a lawyer. I was hooked by the time season two came along.


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The show is a mixture of drama and comedy, which I liked. It’s not as serious as any other legal drama on TV. In fact, it has gotten quite a reputation because of the introduction of the mysterious can opener, which first appeared in season one. The viewers know that the show’s main character, Harvey – a hotshot lawyer in New York and his secretary, Donna have a long-standing pre-trial ritual involving the can opener and three dozen thumbtacks. But the show never reveals what they do with them. All we get are glimpses of the can opener, nothing more. Us viewers don’t even get to see the thumbtacks. As for the whipped cream, well, it was already revealed in the sixth episode of the show’s third season what Harvey and Donna did with it.


I guess it’s fairly obvious that my favorite characters on the show are Harvey and Donna. I love Donna because she provides humor to the show with her witty punchlines and amusing banter with Harvey and the other characters. I like Harvey because he’s a brilliant, hardcore lawyer. He can be cold, calculating and cocky but he wins cases most of the time, if not all. Although in real life I would probably hate someone like him.

Personally I would like the can opener and thumbtacks to remain a mystery. The show could follow what Sex and the City did with Mr. Big. They did not reveal Mr. Big’s real name until the very end of the series finale. Suits could do the same.

Speaking of finale, I just finished watching the summer finale of Suits‘ third season and am very much looking forward to its succeeding episodes in January next year.

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