Letting My Geek Flag Fly

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Growing up I never considered myself as a geek. Even though I loved Star Wars the first time I saw them as a kid and spent hours watching Dungeons and Dragons, Japanese cartoons and other sci-fi shows on TV (Captain Power, anyone?), the concept of geekiness eluded me until much later.

It was during college that my love for sci-fi became fully developed. I also became interested in the esoteric. I got hooked on watching Sliders, The Outer Limits, and most especially The X-Files. Strange and weird stories fascinated me. There’s something about them that left me with a sense of wonder.

As a child I was also fond of reading comics – from horror, comedy to action, I devoured every page and enjoyed every minute of it. It was actually my two cousins who introduced me to the world of Marvel and DC comics. I’ve read tons of superhero comics from Batman, Spider-man, Superman to Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor and the Green Lantern because of them.

X-Files comics season 10

Eventually I’ve outgrown comics in general and turned to books. In fact, I haven’t picked up a comic book for years until now, when The X-Files season 10 comics rolled out this year. Of course being an X-phile myself I couldn’t let this opportunity passed by. I got the first three issues of the comics already and am still waiting for the succeeding issues to come out.

But my level of geekiness is nothing compared to my other geek friends who are almost comparable to Sheldon Cooper and the gang from The Big Bang Theory. I’m just a regular fangirl and my knowledge of geek pop culture is limited. I’m not very good in science and mathematics. However scientific discoveries always fascinate me.

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