Back to the Roots

June 12, 2013 at 7:04 PM | Posted in Film Reviews, Movies | Leave a comment

I’m not quite sure yet on what to make of Man of Steel. I didn’t come out of the movie theater raving about it, but I wasn’t exactly disappointed. I’m a big fan of the original Christopher Reeve movies so my expectations for this new Superman film was high. I mean I think it was a great idea to revisit the origins of Superman especially for the younger generation who didn’t see the old Superman films nor read the comics.


While the 2006 Superman Returns movie saw the re-introduction of Superman/Clark Kent to the public and to those who work at the Daily Planet, Man of Steel went back to the roots of Kal-El. Audiences were introduced to Jor-El, General Zod and the planet Krypton. Clark Kent’s teenage years were generally skipped (Thank God! Otherwise it would look like the TV show Smallville.), and Clark met Lois Lane even before he started working at the newspaper.

I wasn’t completely satisfied with Superman Returns mainly because of the weak plot and the mess that they made with Lois Lane’s relationship with Superman (she had a son fathered by Superman who just might be Superboy). But I can tell you this: Brandon Routh played Superman better and in my opinion he’s much more good-looking (and closely resembled Christopher Reeve) than Henry Cavill.

As for the plot, Man of Steel had still some weak points. I mean, the long one-on-one battle between Superman and Zod looked unnecessary to me when all Superman had to do was to simply break his neck. And that kissing scene between Lois and Superman just looked sudden. I didn’t see or feel any chemistry between them before that.

But one thing’s for sure: General Zod and Faora-Ul were formidable foes compared to Kevin Spacey’s rather tiring Lex Luthor. And I’m loving the new look of Superman’s costume. I liked the scene at the end also. It let the audience peek at what’s to come for Clark Kent. That’s what I’m missing from the movie – Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. What I glimpsed about Clark in that scene was he didn’t look like the typical geeky, klutzy Clark Kent even though he was wearing glasses. Instead I saw a confident Clark ready to take on the job as a reporter.

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