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  • Last April I was able to meet with my aunt and uncle who arrived from the States for a short vacation. It’s been years since I saw them and I’m glad that they were here again. I had a great time during our family gatherings, laughing and talking with my relatives. Sadly though, I wasn’t able to join them when they went to Caramoan Islands last month due to my work and limited time. My mother and our relatives stayed there for three days, and I was extremely envious that they were able to set foot on the beach where Survivor: Caramoan was filmed. As a consolation though, I will be coming home to Bicol in October. So that’s something to look forward to.

  • I had gotten an unusual request from my aunt who came from the States. She asked me and my sister to submit a story to Maalaala Mo Kaya about her experience in America as an immigrant. She loves watching that show for years even before she and my uncle migrated to the States. She thought that since my sister and I are the writers in the family (My sister used to be a writer also but she gave it up. Now I’m the only writer in the family.), it would be a good idea that we write her story and submit it to the show. She’s hoping her story would get picked up and be aired on national television. Personally, if I were to share my own story I would want to write a book about it. Television wouldn’t be the proper medium for me.

  • I joined the millions of Filipinos who voted in the recently concluded senatorial elections. I came at the precinct early morning but there were already throngs of people lining up to vote. The voting was quick, though I encountered a problem with the PCOS machine. Apparently the machine was so sensitive to slight crumples that my ballot was rejected several times. After about six tries, the machine finally accepted my ballot. It took me just an hour to do the entire voting process, from the lining up to the voting itself.

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