Unintentionally Funny

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Honestly speaking I don’t consider myself as a funny person. And though I occasionally make jokes when around friends, most people generally see me as the no-nonsense type. Don’t get me wrong. I like laughing at jokes. I love watching comedy. I used to watch Friends a lot when it used to be on TV. And I love The Big Bang Theory. I just don’t get it sometimes when people think I’m being funny which in truth I am not.

Like there was this time when I was about to start my presentation at work. It was reporting time and the whole team was gathered inside the meeting room. I said something that made the entire team laughed. Even my boss was laughing. And I wasn’t being funny. But it was all good. I know they weren’t laughing at me. Since then there were other incidents and I was known at work as someone who can make unintentionally funny comments. One colleague even planned to make a Facebook fan page about me and my “Weena-isms.” But that never materialized.

There was also this time when my friends at another company where I used to work was gathered around a table during lunch. I was just commenting on something that one of my friends said. I didn’t think it was funny but they thought it was because they all burst out laughing.

My friends can attest to the fact that there are things I say that sound funny. I guess it’s the way I deliver the message. I’m like Temperance Brennan from Bones. I can be tactless and abrasive and funny at the same time without really meaning to. A college buddy of mine even said once that I tend to say something whatever comes to my mind without much thought. There’s truth in that I know. But I’ve been curbing it as much as I can.

The Classics

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Friends and family know very well that I love reading books. I especially love reading the classics – from Shakespeare, Jane Austen to the Bronte sisters. However, truth be told, there are still a lot of the classics I haven’t read. One of these is The Phantom of the Opera. I know right. This is my favorite play of all time and though I’ve seen the 2004 movie and watched its 25th anniversary presentation last year, I haven’t read this classic gothic tale – until now. Yes I am just currently reading this and I must say that I’m loving it. Though there are differences in the book from the musical play, I still love Andrew Lloyd Webber’s interpretation of it. But I cannot exactly say the same for Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera he has written. I haven’t seen this play so I cannot pass judgement.

Anyway, I also love Shakespeare and after seeing Anonymous, my intention of reading all of his plays was reignited. I’ve read and enjoyed all of his sonnets but never got around to reading all of his plays. And then there’s Jane Austen. Her work was the original chick lit in those days and I just love Pride and Prejudice as well as Sense and Sensibility. I know that there has been recent retellings of her stories with zombies and other monstrous creatures in it. I’m curious to read them but I’m hesitant all the same. I’m not exactly sure where I stand in this. First of all, I don’t like zombies. I prefer vampires. Secondly, there’s a part of me that says “They’re destroying a classic” but another part of me wants to see how the characters in the stories react to these creatures of the night.

Well if I ever get to reading them, they’ll probably be at the bottom of my list of to-read classics. Because right now, there’s a big pile of classic books waiting for me to read.

This too, shall pass.

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Throughout the years, this has been my motto every time I encounter difficulties in life. I cannot count how many times I have uttered this line whenever I’m going through tough times. This line has been my sort of self-encouragement to go on, face my problems and be brave. By uttering this line, I assure myself that everything will turn out fine in the end.

And it’s true. I believe that every dark cloud has a silver lining. And I can attest to this by the numerous times I have overcome difficulties in life. When I look back, those dark periods of my life were over and somehow I managed to overcome them.

I think I started using this motto after I’ve seen My Best Friend’s Wedding, in which there was a scene where Julia Roberts’ character was sitting on the carpet just outside the door of her hotel room. She sat there smoking, finally realizing the devious thing she did to her male best friend who was about to get the consequences of her action. A hotel bellboy passed by and reminded her that smoking was not allowed in the hallway. I don’t recall every detail of that scene. All I can remember is that after the bellboy noticed her grim, sad face the bellboy told her, “This too, shall pass,” alluding to the idea that she’d get through whatever trial had come her way.

Now I am facing another dark cloud and once again I repeat this familiar line to myself.

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