V is for Visitors

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This is my new favorite show on TV. I remember watching episodes of the original V series when I was just a kid. Though I know that the basic plot of the original series was about humans fighting against the aliens (i.e., the Visitors), I barely remember the sub-plots of the show, let alone the supporting characters. But I do vividly remember that memorable and iconic scene where Diana, the leader/queen of the Visitors, ate that disgusting white rat! Somehow that scene became unforgettable for me that when I found out that there was going to be a remake of V, I got excited. Being a fan of classic sci-fi shows like The Outer Limits and Sliders, I couldn’t wait to watch the new V. So it was a good thing that I got to watch the first season of the V remake. Mid-way into the first season I was immediately hooked. I thought it was good and gripping.

The second season just ended in the States but I still have yet to watch it. And yes I’m very well aware that the second season is not that good according to the reviews and the ratings are low. Sure, there are a lot of major loopholes in the story but I have yet to decide for myself. But I know for sure that I will still enjoy it. At least V is still way better than those stupid and shallow reality shows they keep churning out.

It’s just too bad that some of the shows I liked (such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) get canceled too soon. I really hope that the network (ABC) will give V another chance and give us fans a third season. They can still improve the show by replacing the writers (or make the writing better) so that they can live up to the greatness of the original series.

[Updated on May 23, 2011:  Well, that was it. Just read official announcements that V is now cancelled and won’t be back for a third season. That’s just sad. =( The writers of the show screwed up big time with the second season. *Sigh* I will miss the gang from the Fifth Column (especially Joshua!), Diana, and even Anna.]

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