Going Beyond 60 Minutes

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On Saturday, March 26 at exactly 8:30 PM the lights went out in the Ayala Triangle Gardens simultaneously with the rest of the cities around the world for Earth Hour 2011. I went to the park that evening at around 8:15 to go running. I was not expecting the park management to participate in Earth Hour since to my knowledge there weren’t any announcements made but I’m glad they did. I was also delighted to learn that there was a cultural show at the park that night to celebrate the event. So since the park was enveloped in darkness and I could not go running in the dark, I decided to watch the show instead (Thank goodness I had my camera phone with me!). Meanwhile my sister who was in our apartment that time switched off the lights and unplugged all electrical appliances when the clock ticked 8:30. I came back from the park at around 10:00 and found that our room was still bathed in candlelight. We decided to turn the lights back on at 10:30.

Photo taken after the clock struck 9:30

I’m just glad that we participated in this worldwide event. I feel I contributed something for the cause even though it was just a small thing. I know little could mean a lot. In the previous years, the Philippines actually saved a lot of energy just by switching off the lights for one hour. According to the World Wildlife Fund Philippines, the country saved 611MWh of electricity last 2009. Imagine that.

Inching my way through the crowd (I holding the camera)

And there goes my message at the bottom of the board

Turn Off the Lights for 60+ Minutes

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I know I will be on March 26, Saturday. I’ve been participating in Earth Hour for the past two years in my own little way and I’m just proud to be a part of it. Spread the word!

Letting Go

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Do human clones have souls? Can they even reproduce? I pondered about these after watching Never Let Me Go. The film adaption of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel takes the audience to a bleak world where human cloning is explored. While the story is not set in a futuristic setting, scientific breakthroughs in the real world (e.g., Dolly the cloned sheep, as well as the cloned cat and dog) makes this plot all the more plausible. What happens when humans are cloned and their vital organs harvested for treatment? The film explores this question in a sad narrative through the eyes of Cathy H., a human clone who grew up in a British boarding school with two of her friends, Ruth and Tommy. We follow their struggles through the years as they try to cope with the inevitable.

NeverLetMeGo poster

Several ethical questions are raised in this movie: Do humans have the right to clone people just so the sick can be cured? Why model the clones from the marginalized society (drug addicts, the homeless, etc.)? Are these originals and clones given the choice? Is it even acceptable to clone humans, allow them to cultivate their talents and skills, and form meaningful relationships then take their lives from them as soon as they are able to?

As much as I like the movie, there is one gaping loophole in the story. What I don’t understand is why did the clones readily accept their fate? They didn’t even try to fight the system or escape (unless that was a tracking device on their wrists). If Cathy, Ruth, and Tommy were that determined to live a normal life, then why not devise an escape plan? And even if they were being tracked, they could have at least tried something. “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” as the saying goes. There was nothing in the movie that suggested they were being contained or closely watched. It seemed like they had already let go of their will to survive – to experience the joys of living and loving.

I haven’t read the book yet so I don’t know how faithful the movie is to the story. But overall, I praise the movie not only for its riveting plot (however flawed) and the implicit performance delivered by Carey Mulligan but also for its different take on an age-old, sci-fi plot of cloning.

V is for Visitors

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This is my new favorite show on TV. I remember watching episodes of the original V series when I was just a kid. Though I know that the basic plot of the original series was about humans fighting against the aliens (i.e., the Visitors), I barely remember the sub-plots of the show, let alone the supporting characters. But I do vividly remember that memorable and iconic scene where Diana, the leader/queen of the Visitors, ate that disgusting white rat! Somehow that scene became unforgettable for me that when I found out that there was going to be a remake of V, I got excited. Being a fan of classic sci-fi shows like The Outer Limits and Sliders, I couldn’t wait to watch the new V. So it was a good thing that I got to watch the first season of the V remake. Mid-way into the first season I was immediately hooked. I thought it was good and gripping.

The second season just ended in the States but I still have yet to watch it. And yes I’m very well aware that the second season is not that good according to the reviews and the ratings are low. Sure, there are a lot of major loopholes in the story but I have yet to decide for myself. But I know for sure that I will still enjoy it. At least V is still way better than those stupid and shallow reality shows they keep churning out.

It’s just too bad that some of the shows I liked (such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) get canceled too soon. I really hope that the network (ABC) will give V another chance and give us fans a third season. They can still improve the show by replacing the writers (or make the writing better) so that they can live up to the greatness of the original series.

[Updated on May 23, 2011:  Well, that was it. Just read official announcements that V is now cancelled and won’t be back for a third season. That’s just sad. =( The writers of the show screwed up big time with the second season. *Sigh* I will miss the gang from the Fifth Column (especially Joshua!), Diana, and even Anna.]

Spontaneous Captures

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Been taking pictures at home lately. And my favorite subject at the moment is of course, the view at the rooftop of my apartment! I took these shots in random using my Sony Ericsson camera phone (as I left my digicam somewhere). Some were taken in the morning but most of them I took on sunny afternoons (or near twilight) on weekends. I’m not a pro when it comes to photography so the quality is not that good. But anyway, I took these pictures for the sheer pleasure of it.

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