Mr. Rochester and Mr. Darcy

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Imagine my excitement when I found out that there is an upcoming Hollywood movie based on one of my favorite classic novels, Jane Eyre. I love, love Jane Eyre! It’s one of those books that has a personal impact in my life. Aside from Jane herself, Mr. Rochester is one of the most endearing characters in the book. He and Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice) are two of my favorite male characters in classic literature. And I think both of them are alike in some ways – aloof, wealthy, but who nevertheless fall for the strong-willed yet financially-challenged girl. But it’s not the cliche love story that I love the most about Jane Eyre. It’s the fact that the story has that air of mystery and intrigue in it. This was what initially attracted me to the book. Mr. Darcy is like that as well – mysterious and intriguing but eventually he’d win you over.

Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy

Perfect Equations and Beautiful Experiments

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Out of curiousity, I attended the Cafe Scientifique with Robert Crease last Saturday, February 19. I convinced my friend Jess to go with me, after which we were to have dinner together as previously planned. The talk was hosted by The Mind Museum, the Philippines’ first world-class science museum, which is slated to open in December 2011.

Unfortunately we arrived quite late at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, Taguig (where the public talk was going to be). But we still managed to catch the tail-end of the discussion. We witnessed a lively discussion among science geeks and questions from the audience were entertained and answered. Now my friend and I were not exactly Physics major nor did we ever excel in science as students so we stood out like a sore thumb, haha!

One After the Other

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Currently reading two books now – Sylvia Plath’s Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams and Umberto Eco’s The Island of the Day Before. I started reading Johnny Panic last month but it gradually bored me. Plath kept talking about the mundane (her domestic life, her childhood memories, etc.) and I have yet to like any of her stories. I eventually decided to put the book down unfinished and proceeded to read The Island of the Day Before. Now this I’m liking so far. Spent a few hours of my free time last weekend poring over it at the rooftop of my apartment building, where I found my new little corner of the earth. I enjoy hanging out there, especially during these humid days. I find myself spending more and more of my free time at home there just enjoying the cool breeze, gazing at the clouds and the city skyline, and reading a book.

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