Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

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The end of the year always means one thing for me: social gatherings and reunions. December is usually the month where I meet with friends I haven’t seen in a long while. It’s an annual tradition of sorts that my friends have created to keep in touch with each other. Though my friends in Pinoy X-Philes and I regularly meet, we still hold annual year-end gatherings. Same goes with my other set of friends from where I used to work. We also meet a few times a year then we would have a reunion before the year ends.

So between my busy schedule these past couple of weeks of finalizing my transfer to a new apartment with the landlord, clearing all the stuff in my current apartment, and going from store to store and checking out new homeware to buy, I made room to see my two sets of friends on a weekend (Not that I’m too busy to see them. Of course there would always be room for my friends). And since our December social calendar tend to fill quickly, my friends and I would make plans as early as November.

My fellow X-phile friends had plan to hold our year-end gathering by this month but since some of them were already unavailable the whole month, we managed to set it last November instead – on the 27th to be exact. Our get-together was just casual and laid-back. We dined out at La Maison Cafe in Makati, had coffee in Figaro, and chatted most of the night. But we had a great time just the same.

On the other hand, reunion with my other set of friends who I used to work with tend to be rambunctious at times and usually lasts until the next morning. And that’s exactly what happened last December 4. We had dinner at Kabisera in Bonifacio High Street then proceeded to Synder in Pioneer, Mandaluyong for karaoke. Unfortunately, the place was packed so we headed to Eastwood in Libis instead. We had coffee at Mile Hi Diner then transferred to Jack’s Loft for a nightcap. We left Eastwood at around 3:00 AM and I was already home by 3:30. Hanging out with my two groups of friends for the past two weeks was a good thing for me. I needed that to relieve my worries from work and recent hassles.

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