Fish Out of Water

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Who would have thought I would be at the Philippine Fashion Week? I, of all people, am not a fashionista and half the time I never really cared much about fashion. Though I used to watch America’s Next Top Model a lot and tuned in to F Channel a few times, I’m not that keen on following the latest trends in fashion.

But there I was last Oct. 29, watching a fashion show with a couple of my housemates. I would not have really attended the show if it were not for my housemate, Janice who expressed an interest when I casually mentioned to her that I was invited to the Philippine Fashion Week 2010 by my friend who I used to work with. For one, I did not have anyone to go with. My friends at the office declined the invitation due to various reasons. Secondly, I didn’t have anything to wear for that evening. So I turned down my friend’s invitation two days before the event. But when Janice learned about the show, she got so excited and told me she always wanted to go to a fashion show. In fact, to be able to attend a fashion show was included in her wish list of all the things she wants to do in life. I, on the other hand, have attended a fashion show before so it’s not all new to me.

And since Janice was so enthusiastic about it, I texted my friend, Zar and asked her if she still had available tickets for the show. I thought it would be unlikely that she still had tickets since it’s an RSVP event. But luckily enough, she managed to get three tickets for me and my two housemates. So I got the tickets for the show, went home early that Friday, and got dressed up for the night. Janice let me borrow one of her dresses so my wardrobe problem was solved.

The three of us were all excited as we waded through the Friday night traffic. We were met inside the entrance of SMX Convention Center by my friend, Zar and she ushered us in to the function hall where the fashion show would take place.

The fashion show was short but the waiting was long. The featured brands that evening were Folded & Hung, Jelly Bean, and Oxygen for the Spring-Summer 2011 Collection. Our invitation was for the Oxygen fashion show. I saw a few of my officemates there but my housemates and I were seated at different seats. The show ended at around past 11 PM and my housemates and I had fun taking pictures after the show. We had a great time that evening and I was so pleased with myself because my friend Janice was finally able to attend a fashion show, just like what she wished for.

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