My Quest for Completion

August 28, 2010 at 10:30 AM | Posted in TV | 2 Comments
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As most of my friends know, I’m an avid fan of The X-Files. And though I know it has been years after the show had its final run on TV, I still watch random episodes of the show from time to time on DVD. For years, it’s been my dream to have a DVD collection of all nine seasons of the show (original DVDs, mind you, not the pirated ones). Unfortunately, my collection is still incomplete. I only managed to get four seasons of the show from an online seller. The DVD boxed set edition I’ve been wanting to complete is very hard to find. I was a young student then when The X-Files was still on its heyday. I had no access to buying the DVDs back then.

Four down, five more to go!

Before I made my first X-Files DVD purchase, I checked Amazon and eBay and found out that the edition I wanted has been phased out already. But still, I managed to purchase four from a Philippine-based online seller, who incidentally gets them from Amazon and DVD Empire. It’s really frustrating for me because I tried ordering the rest of the seasons from the online seller, but with no luck. According to him, he tried ordering the boxed set from Amazon but he got the slim Collector’s Edition set instead, which wasn’t the one I was looking for. Apparently, Amazon can be so unreliable.

I’ve inquired from other online sellers but had no luck finding the right ones either. eBay has the edition I wanted but they are all in Region 2 format, which would be inconsistent with my Region 1 collection. So if any X-phile out there (or anyone for that matter) can help me out, please point me to the right direction. I would really appreciate it.

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