No City and Hardly Any Sex

June 14, 2010 at 9:45 PM | Posted in Film Reviews, Movies | Leave a comment

I watched Sex and the City 2 with the full knowledge that it’s a popcorn movie and nothing more. See I’m one of those few SATC fans who were against a movie sequel. I felt that there was no need to do a sequel of the first film. There was enough closure already in the first SATC movie – Mr. Big finally married Carrie, Charlotte had a baby, Miranda reconciled with Steve, and Samantha went back to being promiscuous. I mean, what’s left to tell?


Anyway, despite the bad reviews of Sex and the City 2, I watched it mainly out of loyalty to the TV series, which I loved. True enough, the sequel didn’t live up to the first film, which despite of its negative reviews by the film critics, was better and more hilarious. There was not much of a plot in the first place and the acting from the four women (except Kim Cattrall) was only so-so. The fashion was toned down; even the sex was toned down. And oh, why did Sarah Jessica Parker wore the same dress (which I love, by the way) she was seen in the “What Comes Around Goes Around” episode of the series? Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I can recall, Carrie Bradshaw never wore anything twice. What happened to Patricia Field? Couldn’t she think of any other designs that SJP could wear in that scene?

As for the fifth woman in the show – New York, that is – the city barely made it on screen. Practically half of the movie was set in Abu Dhabi (which I’ve read somewhere that it was actually shot in Morocco). New York was only seen and mentioned sporadically. And the “Single Ladies” scene with Liza Minnelli really made me cringe because of its cheesiness. FYI, I’m so sick of that Beyonce song and that made me dislike the scene even more.

In conclusion, SATC 2 is all just fluff. Like what Carrie said in this sequel, the movie has lost its sparkle.

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