You Live, You Learn

June 15, 2009 at 10:50 PM | Posted in Musings | Leave a comment

It is only natural for us humans to have flaws. As individuals we choose our own paths in life. It is our own choices that define us as a person. And it is unavoidable that sometimes we stumble along the path we have chosen. And when we do, the general expectation is that we get up and try again hoping to have learned from our mistakes and make things right, if not for the better.

But there are those individuals who don’t seem to learn from their past experiences and mistakes. These type of individuals insist on doing things their way, without much consideration to those who will be affected by their decision. And every time they make a wrong decision, they tend to run to you for help expecting you to solve their problems for them. They act as if you are their keeper — like you have an obligation to them, which in truth you don’t.

These people have the power to control their own destiny. They are very much capable of standing on their own feet yet they choose to lean on others every time they hit a bump on the road or each time they feel convenient to do so. It is all right to ask for help and it is okay to help others in need. But it is not okay to take advantage of the kindness of others and constantly depend on them.

We all have our own problems to solve. We reap what we sow. Self-reliance and good sense can help us a great deal when treading through our chosen path. Constantly depending on others won’t get you anywhere.

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