Believing in the Future

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The second phase of X-Files News’ (XFN) Believe in the Future Campaign – also known as XF3 Campaign – is well under way. My groupmates from Pinoy X-Philes are trying to finish creating the postcards that we will be sending to XFN, which is the first phase of the campaign. The campaign is once again uniting X-philes across the globe for a common cause: urge Fox Network to make a third X-Files movie as suggested by series creator himself, Chris Carter. This means fans of the show will send postcards addressed to Fox asking them to green light a third X-Files feature film.

Of course, PXP is at the forefront of this worldwide petition campaign. Our group agreed to become a regional liaison, which is basically a country representative (sort of a diplomat, if you will) responsible for collecting postcards from fans in the Philippines, which will be forwarded to XFN. XFN in turn will personally deliver the postcards to Fox. As soon as my groupmates and I are done creating the postcards, we’ll be sending our own personal messages to Fox. After that, we’ll proceed to the second phase. I can’t wait to make another fan video. We had lots of fun when we made our first video for XFN’s Worldwide Fan Project. And making another video will surely be a blast. [Edit: I misunderstood the Phase 2 of the campaign. The fan video should actually feature scenes from the series or the two X-Files movies. Actual fans are not included in the video.]

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