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It has been months since the last TV marathon and I’m so glad that my social group, the Pinoy X-Philes, held another one last weekend. When we heard the sad news several weeks ago that Kim Manners had passed away, it was decided that we hold the next marathon in his honor. Kim Manners did an amazing and extensive work on The X-Files as director and/or producer. Most of my well-loved episodes were either directed or produced by him.  So we picked selected episodes directed by him to be shown at the marathon.

Pinoy X-Philes marathon

Pinoy X-Philes marathon

One of our members, Sam volunteered to hold the marathon at his place, which was in Malate. We set up his place to look like Mulder’s apartment/X-Files basement office. And for the first time in PXP history, we used a projector and a white screen for viewing instead of the regular large-screen TV. There were X-Files posters and fan art placed on the walls too. We also brought food and ordered takeout pizza for everyone. Sam invited some friends from his other group, Arkham Philippines, to join us and we were happy to share with them our love for the show.

As always, the Pinoy X-Philes marathon was fun and memorable. We started it by watching the Pilot episode even though it was not directed/produced by Kim Manners as some non-members who were only casual viewers of The X-Files requested to watch the show from its early beginnings. We were glad to do so since we also wanted to introduce them to the basic plot of the show and how the story started.  It was a different experience using a projector during the marathon. It felt like we were watching a drive-in movie because of the width of the screen.

Watching the episode "The Rain King"

Watching the episode "The Rain King"

We managed to watch at least four episodes through the night — “Humbug, “Home,” “Folie a Deux,” and the Pilot as most of my groupmates and Sam’s friends left early (around 11:30 p.m.). But I was pleased to see that most of the non-members who joined us enjoyed watching the episodes. Sometime after they left, only a few us remained to watch more episodes. In the wee hours of the next morning, Lily, Sam and I were the only ones left still standing. We later retired and dozed off on the couch for a few hours after which Lily and I left Sam’s place.

I didn’t get enough sleep that night (or should I say morning) but it was all right. Marathons in our group don’t happen often and staying up late til morning was all worth it. I got to spend a great time with friends watching the episodes we love.

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