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January 22, 2009 at 10:50 PM | Posted in Food and Dining, Lifestyle, Musings | 1 Comment
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I celebrated my birthday yesterday just the way I wanted it — simple and quiet. No big celebrations for me this year. I think when you reach a certain age and your level of maturity grows, you want less and less of the partying and extravagance. Actually I don’t hold big celebrations when it’s my birthday. I usually treat it as any other ordinary day, highlighted only with a small gathering of friends (or colleagues if the situation calls for it).

inside Cafe Bola

inside Cafe Bola

So yesterday I just took two of my friends to lunch at Cafe Bola in Greenbelt 3 and chatted over a delicious meal. Speaking of which, the food at Cafe Bola was good but they had terrible service. One of the staff there forgot to serve our ordered dessert and the service was slow. The staff weren’t that attentive to the customers even though the place was half empty at lunchtime.

inside Amici

inside Amici

Anyway, the lunch treat was followed by a quiet dinner with my close friend, Ghe later that day. We dropped by at the salon before dinner and had pedicures and foot spa. Then we headed for Amici in Makati for dinner. It’s been a long time since Ghe and I got together so our conversation was focused on updating each other with what’s going on in our personal lives. It’s times like these that I really relish spending time with my close friends. Good company, substantial conversation, and good food made my birthday meaningful.

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  1. Thanks for the treat.

    It was really great to have lunch with you and Jaja. 😉

    See you again soon.

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