Hot or Cold?

January 16, 2009 at 5:13 PM | Posted in Musings | Leave a comment

Those who don’t know me really well might automatically assume that I’m a cold, unfeeling person once they meet me. Some might have regarded me as aloof and unapproachable. I know for a fact that my tendency to keep quiet most of the time has thrown off some people. And though I don’t necessarily put myself out there, it doesn’t mean that I’m cold-hearted. I’ve always been the shy type and I’m not a bubbly, chatty person. I can be moody sometimes, brooding even. But once you get me to talk on topics I like, I can be very animated. I don’t show my emotions most of the time but that doesn’t mean I don’t care. I do care about the things that matter to me. In fact, I can be very passionate about the things I believe in. I’m just not that showy or verbal about my feelings. Perhaps that is why I became a writer. Sometimes it’s just better for me to put it in writing than actually say it. That’s me.

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