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January 7, 2009 at 5:23 PM | Posted in Technology | 2 Comments
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I just read a bad review of the Smart Broadband Prepaid services on Multiply and though I sympathize with the disgruntled user, I can’t resist making a comment about it. I’m a recent user of Smart Broadband Prepaid and to be fair, I find their services quite good. The Internet connection is fast and so far, I haven’t encountered any problems at all. I was also able to register my service number quickly and view my prepaid load balance. I reside in Makati so I guess that makes a difference compared to other users living outside Makati who encounter frequent connection problems (I’ve read and heard from other users that location actually counts when it comes to connecting to the Internet). I also use it at different times of the day so time is not an issue.

I do not work for Smart at all. In fact, I have a SIM-locked Globe handyphone. I just decided to avail of the Smart Bro prepaid services instead of the Globe Broadband because I heard that Globe Broadband’s services really suck. Not once I have read or heard a good review of Globe Broadband. Whereas I’ve gotten mixed reviews about Smart Bro from friends and colleagues — some good, some bad. So in the end I settled for Smart Bro, thus choosing the
lesser “evil”. I bought the prepaid kit from Smart’s Wireless Center in Powerplant Mall. The service at the Center was quite fast; I stayed only for about 15 minutes or less (there was only a short line). The staff were pleasant enough too.

Maybe that disgruntled user was just unlucky when she bought her prepaid kit. She probably went to a Smart branch with poor service. And maybe her location wasn’t good. I don’t know. Maybe it differs in a case-to-case basis. The only inconvenience I encounter about Smart Bro is that I have to use a Smart phone when loading. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied with Smart Bro.


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  1. If you have had good service from smart bro, that’s great.. it could mean that all the complaints are finally getting addressed and they have been improving their service.. something that has taken so long… my problem with smart bro is not of a technical nature but something even worse.. something to do with their policies and customer service http://www.roysencio.com/my-smart-bro-problem/

  2. So sorry about your bad experience with the Smart Bro service. 😦 I just hope that doesn’t happen to me. Right now I’m still in the wait-and-see stage with Smart Bro. If in the long run the same thing happens to me and IF Globe Broadband improves their services, I might eventually switch networks.

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