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So all the hard work my fellow X-philes and I put on making the fan project video paid off. The edited version of our video finally came out. Said video was cut into two short clips, as per instructions of X-Files News. And I’m proud to say that the video clips turned out pretty well! It was pretty amusing to see ourselves on video! That was the first time we did something that big and international.

Our group already submitted the video clips to X-Files News, which will be added later to the rest of the videos submitted by other X-Files fan groups from around the world. All the submitted videos will then be edited by XFN to create one long video about X-philes from different countries around the globe. Below are the two video clips that our group, the Pinoy X-Philes, made for XFN.

The 10:13 X-perience, Part Deux

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Our group’s activity last Saturday didn’t stop with the video shoot. We also held an episode marathon right after the filming. My X-phile friends who couldn’t make it to the video shoot showed up late in the afternoon to join us in the marathon.

We met up with them in SM Megamall at 5:00 PM then we all went to Wack Wack, Mandaluyong. A newbie in our group graciously offered her place as the venue for our marathon. So we gathered at her place in Wack Wack and watched episodes of The X-Files til late at night. We watched various episodes from different seasons, covering both mytharc and stand-alone. This marathon was quite special since October 13 was just two days away. And X-philes from around the world know that this is Chris Carter’s (the series creator) birthday and is also the name of his production outfit (Ten Thirteen Productions). So we all agreed to make our dinner an X-Files inspired one in celebration of this special date. That meant bringing food that were featured in some of the episodes.

So we had pizza (from the “Bad Blood” episode), chicken (from the “Our Town” episode), rootbeer and iced tea (from the episode “Tooms”), sunflower seeds, popcorn (from the episode “Je Souhaite”), and ice cream in a cone (from the episode “The Unnatural”). Of course we substituted the “non-fat, tofutti rice dreamsicle” to just an ice cream cone since we couldn’t find any dreamsicle available in the metro. There were still many X-Files-inspired food we thought of bringing like liverwurst sandwiches, cupcakes, salad, banana cream pie, cheese steak, vodka, and beer but since our party consisted of only a small group, we opted to bring only a few.

We had so much fun at the marathon and I really enjoyed it. We are hoping to have another marathon before the year ends, preferably when the DVD and Blu-Ray of The X-Files: I Want to Believe is released this December.

The 10:13 X-perience

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Had a pretty hectic day last Saturday. I spent the whole day with my fellow X-philes filming a short video about our group. It was decided a couple of weeks ago that we would participate in X-Files News’ Worldwide Fan Project wherein fans of The X-Files from around the world submit two video clips about themselves with a background of a clock tower (or any other clock for that matter) showing the time, 10:13 — a very significant time (and date!) in the X-Files universe.

Girls of Pinoy X-Philes at Rizal Park

Girls of Pinoy X-Philes at Rizal Park

My X-phile friends and I got up very early last Saturday for the video shoot.  It was our intention to film at exactly 10:13 in the morning. So under the intense heat of the morning sun, we shot the video at Rizal Park. We arrived there at around 9:45 and waited patiently until the exact time came for us to yell at the camera, “Where we are from, it’s always 10:13!”

After that we proceeded to SM Mall of Asia for the second filming, then to EDSA Shrine for the third and last shoot. We finished at about 3:30 in the afternoon looking tired and spent. But it was all worth it. We really had fun making the video. Now all we have to do is to edit the video and submit the two clips to X-Files News.

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