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August 20, 2008 at 2:22 PM | Posted in Movies, Music, TV | 1 Comment

The long weekend was over. Now there’s another long weekend coming up. I still don’t have plans though. I spent the last weekend just watching The X-Files 2 movie three times. Yup, my fellow X-phile friends and I watched it over and over again. We liked the movie and couldn’t get enough of watching Mulder and Scully together again. I know some people didn’t like the movie but like what I’ve said before, I DON’T CARE about their negative reviews. I liked the movie because it makes you THINK. It lets you analyze about things such as faith, resilience, and controversial medical breakthroughs. In fact, a friend of mine said that the movie is almost like an art film. It’s very different from the usual blockbuster flicks that have been dominating these days, which do not require a lot of thinking. If you’re the type who’s only after action-packed movies with lots of special effects thrown in (or if you’re looking for aliens to appear in this movie), then this movie is not for you. I’ve written my thoughts about this movie extensively in my review, which can be found here. I would love to see an X-Files 3 as the movie and the TV show still need a fitting closure. I’d like to see Mulder working and not bumming around and I’d like to know what happened to baby William as well as to Doggett and Reyes.

Anyway, I also liked the songs played in the movie. The song “Broken” in particular has a really cool beat, which left me humming along this tune even after the movie was over. Of course, Mark Snow’s instantly recognizable theme song adds beauty to the whole soundtrack. And in keeping up with XF 2’s music, here are a few X-Files-inspired songs that I dearly miss hearing.
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more about “ – Foo Fighters – Walk…“, posted with vodpod

“Walking After You” by Foo Fighters

“Mulder and Scully” by Catatonia

“David Duchovny” by Bree Sharp

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  1. Hi,
    Marg, your roommate, told me about you and gave me your blogspot. She mentioned that you like X-Files just like me :). I’m Enna, by the way.

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