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August 4, 2008 at 10:24 AM | Posted in Fandom, Lifestyle, Movies, TV | 2 Comments

The sci-fi party that my fellow X-philes and I went to last August 1 was pretty okay. Now we’re not clubbers ourselves and none of us had been to the Embassy in The Fort before but we all trooped there one rainy Friday anyway just for the reason that we were representing our group, the Pinoy X-Philes, and the party was a celebration of everything sci-fi and fantasy. The sponsor of the party — AXN Beyond — offered free entrance to the first 100 who came in a sci-fi/fantasy costume. We got there at around half past 9. Luckily, we got in the club for free because our friend “Fox” showed up as Agent Mulder and the rest of us were wearing our PXP t-shirts (our other friend who was supposed to dress up as Agent Scully couldn’t make it to the party). We were thrilled to have been given freebies by AXN Beyond reps, which included a large poster of Lost, an AXN Beyond shirt, and other goodies.

Pinoy X-Philes at the party

Pinoy X-Philes at the party

We weren’t surprise to see some fandoms from the New Worlds Alliance (in which our group belongs) came to the party in costumes. Some of them were dressed up as characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, Battlestar Galactica, and Alias. The Trekkies were also there and a couple of guys showed up as The Joker. Others who were not from NWA were in costume we didn’t recognize. We chatted and hung around with the NWA guys for a bit. Then just as we were about to leave (as we figured the sci-fi party was over and the regular clubbers are arriving in droves for their own party), the club suddenly played The X-Files theme song and mimes hired for the party came in and did their bit. Our group cheered through the song and we were proud to have represented the TV show. We left the party shortly after that when we noticed that some people from NWA left early.

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