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Over the last couple of years, I have racked up several books that I haven’t read yet. Some of them are gifts from friends, others I have bought, and a few I borrowed from my sister. While I love reading books, these days I found myself not having enough time to finish all of them for various reasons. So last weekend, that’s what I did — read the books stacked up in my cabinet. I just finished reading a book I borrowed from a friend. Now I’m finishing another one. I still have about five books to read. It’s a long way to go but I hope I’ll finish them before the year ends.

Combining Science and Religion

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After six long years of waiting for the second X-Files movie since the TV series ended in 2002, I must say watching The X-Files: I Want to Believe was all worth the wait. As always, Gillian Anderson’s performance as Dana Scully was impressive. I was blown away with that particular scene where Scully confronts Father Joe (played by Billy Connolly) in his room. Gillian certainly “nailed it.” I could actually feel her frustration over Mulder getting involved again with an X-File case. She’s back to her old Scully self – except now she has gotten weary and reluctant to get involved in solving FBI cases. And Mulder is still very much a believer – not to mention stubborn!


X-Files_I Want to Believe alternative poster

Honestly speaking, the movie wasn’t that scary. And this was probably because I’m so used to watching horror movies and reading scary stories that I’m already desensitized by it all! But for some people, some scenes in the movie may still come as gruesome and chilling. For me, the movie is more like a medical thriller. It has enough suspense to keep the story intriguing yet it also has heart. In fact, I Want to Believe is reminiscent of certain X-Files episodes such as “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” (which is mentioned in the movie), “All Things,” and “Sanguinarium.” It’s not too dark and terrifying, which is why I guess some fans of the show were put-off by it.

As what Chris Carter (the film’s director and creator of the show) have said before, The X-Files: I Want to Believe focuses more on Mulder and Scully’s relationship rather than the complicated alien mythology/government conspiracy and other creatures of the dark that most people easily identifies this TV show with. In this movie, I see the characters of Mulder and Scully evolved. I see them now as an old couple, comfortable with each other and well-adjusted.

In the last few seasons of The X-Files on TV, Scully eventually became a believer herself and her relationship with Mulder slowly grew from platonic to romantic. She bore a son, William, who might or might not be an alien. In the final episode of the series, Mulder was framed for murder and was on the run. In I Want to Believe, Scully is now working in a Catholic hospital as a doctor while Mulder is still in hiding and spends his time, uh, collecting newspaper clippings on paranormal phenomena. In one poignant scene, Mulder and Scully argue in the hospital and her refusal to acknowledge the psychic powers of Father Joe stems from the fact that she doesn’t want to “look into the darkness” again by helping the FBI solve an X-File case.

It was risky on Chris Carter’s part to delve deeper into the relationship of Mulder and Scully and explore their faith – faith in unexplained phenomena and in each other. He gave a different approach to the movie, which I think worked well.

“Don’t give up.” That’s what Father Joe says to Scully in one scene. It’s a statement that has become some sort of motto not only for Scully but for Mulder as well. I also found the last scene compelling. In it, Scully is asked by one doctor if she is ready to operate on the boy who has an untreatable disease. Several doctors and nurses surround her and three nuns are watching her through the window of the operating room. This scene perfectly depicts the age-old clash between science and religion and Scully’s own struggle with them.

Though I still think there are a few loopholes in the story (e.g., if Mulder was hiding from the FBI through those years, the FBI could’ve easily traced him through Scully [Edit: I recently read the novelization of the movie and this bit was explained in the book. It turned out that Skinner was helping them hide from the bad guys in the FBI.]) and the inside joke about Pres. Bush is kind of corny, and the movie’s subtitle lacked oomph, generally speaking, The X-Files: I Want to Believe is a good, intelligent movie – maybe not as good as the episodes of the TV show or the first X-Files movie – but it’s definitely worth watching.

All Things X

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The long weekend was over. Now there’s another long weekend coming up. I still don’t have plans though. I spent the last weekend just watching The X-Files 2 movie three times. Yup, my fellow X-phile friends and I watched it over and over again. We liked the movie and couldn’t get enough of watching Mulder and Scully together again. I know some people didn’t like the movie but like what I’ve said before, I DON’T CARE about their negative reviews. I liked the movie because it makes you THINK. It lets you analyze about things such as faith, resilience, and controversial medical breakthroughs. In fact, a friend of mine said that the movie is almost like an art film. It’s very different from the usual blockbuster flicks that have been dominating these days, which do not require a lot of thinking. If you’re the type who’s only after action-packed movies with lots of special effects thrown in (or if you’re looking for aliens to appear in this movie), then this movie is not for you. I’ve written my thoughts about this movie extensively in my review, which can be found here. I would love to see an X-Files 3 as the movie and the TV show still need a fitting closure. I’d like to see Mulder working and not bumming around and I’d like to know what happened to baby William as well as to Doggett and Reyes.

Anyway, I also liked the songs played in the movie. The song “Broken” in particular has a really cool beat, which left me humming along this tune even after the movie was over. Of course, Mark Snow’s instantly recognizable theme song adds beauty to the whole soundtrack. And in keeping up with XF 2’s music, here are a few X-Files-inspired songs that I dearly miss hearing.
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“Walking After You” by Foo Fighters

“Mulder and Scully” by Catatonia

“David Duchovny” by Bree Sharp

The X-Files Photo Exhibit by the Pinoy X-Philes

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The Pinoy X-Philes is running an X-Files Photo Exhibit at Glorietta 4 Cinema Lobby (near Cinema 3). With the help and cooperation from Warner Bros. Philippines, the local distributor of the X-Files 2 movie, the Pinoy X-Philes’ Photo Exhibit runs from August 11 until August 22.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe hits local cinemas today, August 13, 2008.

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