Sex and the City without the Sex

June 2, 2008 at 12:12 PM | Posted in Movies, TV | 1 Comment
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I just watched Sex and the City: The Movie last weekend. Aside from The X-Files movie, SATC was my second most anticipated film this year. I must say that Sex and the City movie truly delivered. The formula that made SATC a phenomenal show was all there: the fashion, the Big drama, the funny sexual antics of Samantha (though she was already a bit tamed here) and even Charlotte, and of course the New York city backdrop.

* * * Spoiler Warning* * *

Even though the movie was two and a half hours long, it didn’t seem dragging to me. In fact I felt like I was watching an extended version of the show. It was actually kind of nostalgic. The opening scene of the movie where Carrie was walking down the streets of New York wearing a white dress accented with the now-famous large flower just below one shoulder was classic SATC. And I loved the way the story ended with Mr. Big (real name: John James Preston) and Carrie getting married in the city hall with just the two of them. Being a Big fan (I didn’t like Aidan as he was too perfect. Berger was a total jerk — who could forget that he dumped Carrie on a Post-It? — and Aleksandr was boring.), I was expecting the wedding to be glamorous and traditional — designer wedding dress, over 200 guests, a lavish and multi-tiered cake, etc. — sort of like the ultimate, blissful ending of the on-again, off-again relationship of Carrie and Big. Instead, the wedding was very simple with only a handful of witnesses.

But I’m glad the wedding was pretty simple. No fuss. No frills. No glamor. Just Carrie and Big, which for me was more important than a lavish wedding party. I loved that the film showed Carrie being OK to be married in a non-designer outfit. They showed the other side of Carrie who could also dress down and be simple.

However, there are a few things I disliked about the movie: the fashion overkill and the oversentimentality of Carrie and Big’s nth break up. The movie could do without the New York Fashion Week and Vogue pictorial scenes. Also, several scenes were cut from the movie. That damn MTRCB were at it again! They cut some scenes (Miranda’s bed scene, Samantha’s nude scene, etc.) just to make the movie R-13! Well hellllooo! The TV show was intended for mature audiences in the first place! They should have stick to the original uncut version of the film and release it as R-18. This would have made sense better. Now I have to wait for the DVD to come out and hope that the MTRCB will not censore it.

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