Weekend Marathons

May 20, 2008 at 11:33 AM | Posted in Fandom, Lifestyle, TV | Leave a comment
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I just spent the last two weekends having episode marathons of Lost (Season 3) and The X-Files (random episodes). Last May 10 was the X-Files marathon, where a few of my fellow X-phile friends and I trooped to Fandom Cafe in Cubao and enjoyed watching old XF episodes in the viewing room. And just this weekend, I shut myself in my room and watch missed episodes of the third season of Lost.

Now my mind is full of visions of Dharma hatches, the beach, creepy monsters, Scully, Mulder, and The Others. In fact the song, “Downtown” keeps playing over and over in my head. Obviously, this is the result of a marathon overload. But all the same, I had fun. Now I feel satisfied after watching those missed episodes — finally!

*Sigh* The stuff we do for the love of a show…

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